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I drink bloody marys and cranberry vodka’s, and I get hangovers all the time. A lot of people have told me that mixing drinks with expensive vodkas like grey goose or kettle one will help rid the hangover issue altogether. Is that true?

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Found this at my local Lawson convenience store in Japan. I go almost every day but this is the first time I’ve noticed these. I saw only Yuffie, Tifa, and Aerith AC designs though. I say it tastes like Mountain Dew but actually I think it tastes a hell of a lot sweeter. I’m a little hungover though, so the sweetness is kinda revolting.

Ohk so i drink a ton of water, work out and eat healthy. Though i like to drink energy drinks like Full Throttle, Jolt, and Red Bull (those are the only ones i drink). Are they actually that bad for you i mean if you stay active and drink water. What about sugar-free Red Bull? Any thoughts or suggestions or advice? Please have a reason behind your answer. Support it please and be informative i really need to know if i should continue you or not.

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I drink a lot of soft drinks like Pepsi, Coke, etc. I know it’s not healthy for me, but I like the taste and I usually drink more in the morning and whenever I’m feeling sluggish. I don’t drink coffee and I can’t stand the taste of diet drinks. And by the way, I’m not into diet and exercise but I have a fairly physically demanding job. I’m lifting things and I always stay busy with something on the job, so I’m not a total couch potato.
I’m open to suggestions.

Watch it and weep. Chopping, flaring, back-bending cocktail flinging legends. Fire breathing sambuca kings. No one kicks it like the Prestwich Crew!!

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From grain to glass, Whiskey tells you everything and anything you’ll ever want to know about whiskey, from storing and serving whiskey, whiskey cocktails, to pairing whiskey with food. Whether interested in the story behind aromas and flavors, what makes certain distilleries unique or how weather and environment influence taste‹this is the most fascinating illustrated examination of whiskey on the market.

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide