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Learn everything there is to know about Scotch whisky with’s George Oliphant at the Brandy Library in New York City.

“Vodka constitutes the largest segment of the U.S. liquor market, and high-end vodka continues to grow at a blistering pace,” said Rudy N. Vogel, chief executive officer and founder of New York-based TransBorder Marketing Inc., the company that created DIAKA.

Vogel says the vodka’s special filtration process will entice consumers to try DIAKA and ultimately keep them coming back for more.

This patented “Double Diamond Filtration Process” uses nearly 100 diamonds up to 1 carat in size. The diamonds are housed in a large glass tube into which the vodka flows. Through centrifugal force, the diamonds swirl through the tube and actually “cut” the molecules of the vodka.

The vodka then passes through the bottom of the tube, wherein lies a comb filter encased with tiny diamond chips. This two-step process enhances the smoothness, clarity and palate of the vodka, yielding an end-product that so far is unavailable anywhere else in the world, according to Vogel.

“We are poised to take the ultra premium vodka category to a new level of taste and sophistication,” Vogel said.

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Because arthritis is so widespread now, it gets a lot of attention from all of us – from the average person to the health professional. Some experts believe that arthritis was first introduced by a strain of virus some two centuries ago. But then, other experts have found conclusive evidence of arthritis in ancient Egyptian mummies. But whether it’s two centuries or four millennia, arthritis does seem to be age-related. We are clearly more prone to have it the older we get. And we have therefore come to regard arthritis as a degenerative disease.

But that should by no means mean that arthritis is inevitable. “But why should we have to take natural hormone creams and supplements?” my clients often ask. “Our ancestors didn’t take them, and arthritis wasn’t nearly as prevalent in times past.” The simple fact is, most of our ancestors didn’t live to the ripe, old, healthy ages we do nowadays. They died younger and were worn out earlier – while we go on playing golf and tennis into our 70s and beyond. We live longer now, and want to enjoy ourselves more. So why suffer – unnecessarily – the aching joints and low energy of arthritis?

Sure arthritis is a fact, but we needn’t resign ourselves to it. By being smart we can stay healthy. From my clientele and personal experience I’ve learned four easy ways to diminish or get rid of arthritis:

1. Soothex: It’s a base of olive oil that’s infused with anti-inflammatory herbs. Rub Soothex topically wherever you have pain and it takes the pain away, reduces swelling, and directly introduces healing oxygen to the joints and tissues. Soothex has no side effects… and you can use it as often as you wish.

2. Oil of Oregano: This herbal healer works on the same principles as Soothex, but more mildly. But it also is a completely natural antibiotic, and is antiviral and antifungal, and gives a great boost to the immune system. With such intense healing properties, both Soothex and Oil of Oregano are a far cry from commercial products that often offer mere numbing and heating effects.

3. Natural progesterone creams – These creams – such as Prosperin for women and Prosperon for men – naturally balance the hormones whose imbalance is the origin of so many stresses and bad sensations that can plague us in our middle age and senior years.

4. A natural healthy diet with lots of veggies and not too much animal protein. If you like red meats then go organic – you’ll be cutting out a lot of artificial animal hormones that can play havoc with your health and well-being.

Did you happen to read that soft drinks can diminish arthritis? And did you wonder, as I did: Could this possibly be true?

The answer, it turns out, is both yes and no. If you have a bad case of arthritis and do not improve your diet and lifestyle, a six-pack of soft drinks might give you some relief from arthritis – but just temporarily. This can happen because the phosphate in the soda can dissolve some of the calcium deposits in your joints, which are the source of your arthritis pain and swelling. Indeed, what we call “arthritis” is actually an internal internal infection and inflammation.

But if you then take up drinking soft drinks as a regimen to keep your arthritis at bay, it will dissolve the calcium in your bones and put you on the fast track to osteoporosis. A losing proposition. Some recommend trying a six-pack over the course of a few hours, to see if your pain is reduced. If you try this, afterwards please stop with the soft drinks and take up with healthy, natural foods. This way the vitamins and minerals in your food will be well absorbed, and won’t form deposits that congest your joints with the blockage and pain we call arthritis. For improved intestinal absorption of nutrients you should also drink kefir and / or take acidophilus.

Sure – arthritis is a degenerative disease, but it can be cured or dramatically reduced if you have the knowledge, persistence, and willingness to change your lifestyle. I’ve never quite understood why many of us seem unwilling to give up our suffering. It seems some just aren’t ready for it yet. Are you?

Let Soothex jump-start the hope that arises when pain actually decreases, movement comes easily again, and your energy starts to flow. If you follow through with a natural diet, you can definitely enjoy your long life more. What else could we wish for?

“Health is our greatest wealth”. – Benjamin Franklin

Warmly, Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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Interestingly, whisky means the water of life and it is no wonder then that a lot of individuals get hooked in this spirit. Whisky is actually made from fermented grain and allowed to stay in a wood barrel for some time to work its wonders in the palate. While it is not clear where whisky manufacturing first started, it is being made in different parts of the world now and enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Meanwhile, whisky is typically bottled in glass containers, as the material doesn’t tend to react or affect the taste of the aged spirit. These days, technology has improved and distilleries now use equipment that can make as many as 400 bottles in just one minute. Here, the whisky bottles are sanitized, filled up and securely covered until they are ready to be shipped to the shops.

Consequently, whisky and whisky bottles have become an attractive collectible for some individuals, some whisky collectors claim that this pursuit could be just any hobby. What makes it fun is that the collection never stops because it continues to grow and is never really completed. While there are those who accumulate them after choosing a favourite among the ones that have been tasted, there are also those who collect them as an investment.

Claive Vidiz is a Brazilian whisky collector who has the widest number of items in his possession. He has 3,384 whisky bottles that he has gathered from all over the world. These are composed of the well-known varieties as well as the most unique ones. Strathmill single malt and Dimple Pinch Scotch whisky is some of his priceless collections.

Meanwhile, there are also whisky collectibles that are not meant to be opened nor tasted. These collectibles come in different measurements, some come in mini 2 ounces or less while others are packed in gallons. The most collectible whisky decanters though are those that have been released as limited editions. Because these bottles are made for a short period of time, they are made on special occasions such as the anniversaries of distilling companies; needless to say they are made to be rare and extraordinary.

While the value of these limited edition whisky collectibles can rise up over time, not every one of them does so, some even tend to get lowered in price. The law of supply and demand mostly dictates the success of these investments. Aside from the limited editions, other collectors opt to get into specialization and collect every single item that is manufactured by a preferred whisky maker. Another exciting alternative is to watch out for a series of whisky collectibles.

Whether the collectible whisky item is meant to be preserved or not, making an array of whisky set is a worthwhile endeavour. Whisky collectors become like archaeologists who protect the spirit legacy and allow it to be enjoyed by the next generation.

Lastly, distillers themselves get encouraged to manufacture quality products by the enthusiasm that whisky collectors have shown.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a large range of wines, spirits, liqueurs and whisky he recommends Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants & Importers, a leading provider of some of the finest Whisky from around the World.

Proposition bet. How To Get Free Drinks

I’m planning a wine tasting event as a fundraiser. We’ll be serving 4 or 5 different wines. How much wine should be purchased?

Since it’s a fundraiser, we don’t want to lose money by ending up with unopened wine.

Please give quantities such as 1 bottle of each wine for every 5 people, 10 people, etc.