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Glengoyne Distillery is renowned as the most attractive distillery in Scotland. Located in close proximity to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, this beautiful distillery lies on the picturesque A81 and is a mere 15 miles north of Glasgow.

Glengoyne Distillery is well known for manufacturing an exceptional single malt scotch whisky for a period of more than 200 years. The name of the distillery has derived from Glen Guin or in other words Glen of the Wild Geese. Occupying a peaceful location, the distillery lies close to a small beautiful river that flows to Loch Lomond.

This unique and fascinating Scotch whisky manufacturing base is set amidst a wooded valley towards the southern Highlands of Scotland. The buildings that house the distillery are exceptionally smart with whitewashed walls. It is similarised to a white Jewel set beneath the beautiful Campsie Hills by the entrance to the Highlands.

This world famous distillery offers its visitors various types of factory tours that suit any type of budget.  For instance, the Glengoyne Tour welcomes the visitor with a shot of the 10 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky. This informative and exciting guided tour also includes a brief video presentation and ends at the Slainte Mhath Shop.

The Wee Tasting Tour includes the Glengoyne Tour along with the chance to taste the 17 year old award winning Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Whisky. One of the most amazing tours at the Glengoyne Distillery is the Tasting Tour that starts off with a welcome dram of the 10 year and 12 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky. It also features an informative yet brief video presentation and an interesting guided tour around the distillery.

Other exciting tours include Cask Tasting Tour, Master Blender Session where visitors will get the chance to churn out their very own blended whisky. All this and more can be enjoyed and experienced at the world renowned Glengoyne Distillery. Visitors can easily plan their stay at a nearby Glasgow Hotel such as Millennium Hotel Glasgow and further explore this fascinating world class whiskey manufacturing base.

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Kim Hyun Joong “DK Soft drink” CF *Note* Nope, they never kiss.. Taken from Youku

American Bartender Schools show you how to prepare the perfect Vodka Martini cocktail

To most Westerners say the word Russia and two things pop into their heads, beautiful women and vodka.

This week Russia will still have beautiful women but wine will be the drink of choice as many people are celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day. Wine connoisseurs will be enjoying some of France’s best vintages in bars and establishments all across Moscow.

For the past 11 years Russia has participated in the annual event. In Moscow, the celebrations have been held exclusively in French restaurants and bars, but this year many other locations will host samplings of the French wine “Beaujolais Nouveau”.

Under the Soviets enjoying wine was discouraged. It was looked upon as something that only the upper class and aristocrats consumed. Recently, wine has begun to make a comeback in Russia. French wine is by far the favorite of Russian wine drinkers.

Beaujoalis Novuveau Day began as a way to promote the French wine industry and particularly the Beaujoalis region of France. Originally, the light red wine was just consumed locally but following World War II the rules were relaxed to allow the wine to be exported. Today, Beaujoalis Novuveau Day is celebrated in more than 120 nations.

To enjoy the full bounty of Beaujolais Nouveau, it  should be drunk soon after it is prepared. If not, the taste is spoiled and can not be fully enjoyed.

The next time you see a charming  Russian lady ask her if she raised a glass this year to celebrate Beaujoalis Novuveau Day.

Who knows,via the magic of wine, maybe next year you can toast the day together?

By whisky I mean any type (bourbon, scotch ect) and also what mixers you have with it and why. Also can you say how old you are, I’m 14. I have single malt whisky and have it neat, I find that adding water or ice takes away some of the flavour.
And Queen Bee, why shouldn’t I be drinking at 14? I don’t binge drink every night or drink to get drunk, I respect whisky and drink it slowly.

Every Human Being’s Right

Even so, there is little doubt that water is one drink should be clean and free of contaminants, no matter one is living in impoverished lands or in the more affluent nations of the world. Getting clean as well as safe drinking water is the prerogative of every human and getting proper as well as clean drinking water an inalienable right of the human race and it is the responsibility of governments to ensure its supply. Getting regulated drinking water can be either through municipal water treatment plants or water well servicing at a campground.

Today, one may even be in awe of the latest contaminant treatment methods being used to obtain pure drinking water. Nevertheless, the human race has, from ancient times, taken steps to ensure that the water they drank was fresh and very often, they judged the quality of drinking water from its taste and were unaware that even best tasting water could be impure. According to historians, there is evidence to support that water treatment was practiced in ancient times and that boiling water was an effective means in eliminating impurities. Even as early as 1905, it was found that keeping water in copper vessels that were exposed to sunlight and then filtered through charcoal could purify water.

Water and The Industrial Revolution

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, the many steps taken in obtaining clean drinking water found a new horizon opening up and there was need to cleanse and purify water off the many chemicals that had begun to contaminate drinking water. It gave rise to newer and more sophisticated water treatment methods to purify water that had begun to be contaminated, due to the side effects of the Industrial Revolution.

In present times, countries with gigantic populations such as India and China are desperately in need of supplying their populations with clean drinking water. China has set a goal of providing every Chinese with pure and clean drinking water by the year 2020. In this direction, they are planning on ambitious long term projects to tackle the problem of clean drinking water that is seriously hurting the quality of life of its rural population and, threatening millions of these inhabitants.

There are more than one billion people that do not have access to clean drinking water and unsafe drinking water is the greatest killer of children aged less than five years. The access to clean drinking water will enable women and children to devote time to more gainful pursuits and attend schools or plant vegetables. There is thus, plenty of concerted effort being directed in achieving the goal of providing clean drinking water and, even countries such as India, have put their weight behind providing children and women access to clean drinking water.

Further Researched information About The Importance Of Drinking Water Now For That Magic Moment A Pregnancy But Keep A Check on your Heartburn

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