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I am making a vodka watermelon. No instructions needed there. Wondering what quality of vodka is best for this type of infusion? Let me know what you have tried and what tastes the best! Thanks!

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People who drink diet sodas, or (as I call them) soft drinks have a very high chance of becoming overweight or even obese!

At the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio researchers found, during a 26 year study, that 622 participants aged 25-64 who drank diet soft drinks were more likely to be overweight.

According to the Associated Press, the chances of becoming overweight or obese increased by 65% with each and every diet drink per day.

Throughout the study, 32.7% of all those involved in the study, became either overweight or obese. And 47.2% of those who had 2 or more regular soft drinks a day became obese or overweight. But, the ones who drank 2 or more diet drinks a day, 57.1% became overweight or obese.

“Right now we don’t have any clear public message here. This just
raises an interesting question” says Sharon Fowler, the study’s lead author at the University of TexasHealth Science Center. She told the Houston Chronicle, “I want to be very clear our findings do not prove that diet soft drinks cause people to gain weight”.

The researchers are baffled. Even though the diet drinks don’t cause people to gain weight they replace that with what should be healthier drinks. So what is this telling us?

Do diet soft drinks make us gain weight? Well, the answer is no, not really! The idea behind this, and I guess the point of the study, is that when people drink a diet drink they tend to eat more or higher calorie foods. We seem to think that we can go ahead and eat that “super size fry” or that “triple cheeseburger” because, I’m drinking a diet soda.

If you want to feel good about what you eat and drink then eat in moderation. Go ahead and have the diet drink, but eat sensibly along with it then you will see good results!

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San Diego and Temecula Valley Wine Country Frank Mangio of offers the first of four tips on tasting wine like a pro.

I drink Tenn. whisky all the time but I just got a bottle of 12 year old scotch whisky and I wanted to know what is done different to make scotch

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Cheers! Here is to cocktails! Mix them, drink them, enjoy them. Includes more than 150 recipes, a comprehensive glossary, and amusing anecdotes. 160 pages; 4-1/4” wide x 5-3/4” high; concealed wire-o binding; book lies flat for ease of use; elastic band place holder.

The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics

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I am turning 21 this November, and while this means I don’t have a long history with or knowledge of wine consumption and storage, I have greatly enjoyed the few glasses I’ve had with family friends and relatives over the past few years. Because I am not a huge partier, I’d like to commemorate my turning 21 by purchasing a bottle of wine (preferably red) on that day, then save it for a few years to finally open on another birthday. I have no specific plan, I just like the idea of buying a bottle of wine on my 21st and drinking it on some future birthday, as soon as the next year or as late as 50.
Being only 20 I obviously don’t have the grandest budget for this, but I was hoping someone would have a few bottles or vintages I should look into–or just a particular type of wine that is always likely to improve with moderate aging.
Thanks so much!

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