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When making vodka sauce, I mix heavy cream with a homeade marinara sauce, a couple cups of parmasean cheese, and about 3 shots of vodka, because it wouldn’t be vodka sauce without it. But what does the vodka do? The alcohol burns away and vodka doesn’t have any flavor to begin with. (in my opinion anyway) What is the point of it? I understand wine and rum marinades as they actually have flavor, but vodka doesn’t have a flavor at all.

I know. But vodka doesn’t taste like anything.

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With more than 100 new recipes for cocktails, mixed drinks, and nonalcoholic beverages, this revised edition of Anthony Dias Blue’s classic guide fills us in on what we need to know:

  • How to stock a bar, listing alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages by probable frequency of use.
  • Bar and cocktail definitions — learn the difference between a julep and a smash, a toddy and a flip.
  • Calorie charts, mixology tips, and illustrated descriptions of glasses.
  • Organized by spirit, each chapter is introduced by an accessible and eloquent essay. Discover more than 1,000 recipes for cocktails, categorized by Classics, Creative Concoctions, Signature Drinks, and Tropical Drinks — everything from the popular Martini and the Coco Loco to Trader Vic’s West Indies Punch, a Midori Sour, and a Velvet Hammer.

    Whether entertaining, bartending, or simply relaxing with a favorite drink, this is the must-have bar book.

    Complete Book of Mixed Drinks, The : More Than 1,000 Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Cocktails

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    Product Description
    DESCRIPTION:(The Color of Money ) – Legendary actor Paul Newman (Message In A Bottle) and Academy Award® nominee Tom Cruise (Best Actor, 1996, Jerry Maguire) ignite the screen in this powerful drama. Brilliantly directed by Martin Scorsese (Gangs Of New York), Newman re-creates one of his most memorable roles from The Hustler. As Fast Eddie Felson, he still believes that “money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” To prove his point, he forms a profitable yet volatile partnership with Vince (Cruise), a young pool hustler with a sexy, tough-talking girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, The Perfect Storm). But when Vince’s flashy arrogance leads to more than a few lost matches, all bets are off between Eddie and him. The Color Of Money will electrify you with its suspenseful story, dazzling cinematography, and dynamic performances.

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    Color of Money/Cocktail

    Zach Galifianakis, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a film for their website. They were told they could do anything they wanted as long as they mentioned the product. This is part 2. Edited by Ben Berman.

    Getting Started

    Infusing is pretty simple process and has been used by distillers for centuries. It is the simple practice of steeping or macerating a flavor into a neutral spirit and letting it sit for a period of time. The time it takes for the spirit to absorb the that flavors is all determined on the product and the environmental factors.A good rule to go by when infusing is to start with your oil based flavors such as citrus, chillies and similar fruits and vegetables. Using more succulent fruits such as strawberries could result in a mushy mess without careful supervision.

    Article provide by Phase One Ingredients:

    While vodka is the popular base to infusions, you can add flavor to any spirit. Stronger oil based ingredients can infuse in a shorter amount of time, sometinemes under a week, whereas softer more fibrous ingredients can take more than a week.

    Infusion jare:

    Tall or round glasss jars with tightly fitting lids, preferable complete with pouring spouts are the only initial outlay required for your new in house vodka infusion center.

    Choosing your flavor The choice of flavors is all based on your imagination, why not try orange infused tequila or maybe a fig and cinnamon infused bourbon. Mellow flavors include cantaloupe, peach, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, pineapple, mango, and vanilla beans. Lemon, lime or grapefruit flavors offer a sharper bite to the palate. Time to Infuse Everything should be washed thoroughly including fruit vegetables to ensure they are free of pesticides and any impurities that might contaminate the final product. Berries such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries should be left whole while more fibrous fruitsl such as mango and pineapple should be chopped into small chunks. Citrus fruits and strawberries should be sliced thin. More obscure flavors such as vanilla beans and chillies should be sliced lengthways and herbs left on their stem.

    When slicing up your ingredients keep in mind the vessel you will be placing them in . Is it a glass jar that will be on display on the back bar or will it be hidden away. Presentation is everything when infusing your latest creation in public.

    The glass jar should be filled with the infusion ingredients and the remaining with your base spirit. Tighten the lid securely over the jar and place in the refrigerator or at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

    Infusion times will vary. Taste every few days to obtain the flavors that you are aiming. for. If you want to deepen the flavor and start foraying into liqueurs, add a little sugar and stir it in to dissolve.

    How to infuse vodka with cherry

    Purchase your vodka. This recipe calls for a 750-ml bottle of vodka, so if you use a larger bottle, be sure to add more cherries during the infusion process.

    Choose 4 pints of cherries. The best cherry-infused vodka is made with real, in-season cherries. In the United States, cherries are typically picked from May until August, with the peak season in June. If you are unable to buy your cherries from a farm, you can buy them in the grocery store at the same time for similarly delicious results.

    Find a reusealable glass container in which to infuse your vodka. A wide-mouthed container, such as a jar for canning fruit, will work well. Whichever container you choose, make sure you have enough room to stir the mixture thoroughly.

    Prepare your mixture. First, remove the stems and pits from the cherries. Pour the bottle of vodka and cherries into the container and mix. Allow the mixture to sit in a warm, dry place for several days. Stir the mixture three times a day.

    Test your vodka after 2 days in the jar to get a feel for how much longer it needs to completely infuse. The best way to test the vodka is straight, without any mixers.

    Pour the mixture through a coffee strainer to remove the cherries and serve your vodka. If you want to serve your cherry vodka in a mixed drink, visit Drinks Mixer for a few recipe ideas (see Resources below). If the cherries you used to infuse the vodka with still taste good, use them as drink garnishes.

    Tips & Warnings Make sure to choose a quality vodka like Skyy or Belvedere so you create the smoothest infused vodka possible. If you only have a cheaper vodka available, run it through a Brita water filter first to remove some of the impurities. Some of the best cherries to make infused vodka with are Rainiers, Bings and yellow-red Royal Anns. Don’t let air into your cherry vodka infusion except for when you’re testing it. Extra air will hamper the infusion process.

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    Soft drinks consumption is soaring for the most part because they taste great, relieve thirst and come in a variety of flavors, sizes and shapes. At the same time, aggressive marketing and promotion from large beverage companies and soft drinks corporations, low pricing and caffeine being one of their main ingredients, has made soft drinks a complement of many foods and, ultimately, an addiction both for children and adult consumers.

    However, soft drinks are often the culprit for a large number of severe health conditions associated with their excessive consumption, as a result of high fructose corn syrup, added sugars and high amount of calories contained in them. Scientific studies suggest that the overconsumption of soft drinks can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, hypertension, tooth problems, bone weakening, bone demineralization, heart diseases, strokes and cancer, among others.

    Although cutting back on soft drink consumption is not easy as consumers are addicted to drinking two or more cans of soda per day, reducing the consumption of soft drinks is a vital issue, related to improved health conditions, healthier lifestyle and an overall change of mentality. To achieve that, an organized effort on a domestic, local and national level is required.

    “Barbarism begins at home”

    If Americans consumers calculate the gallons of soft drinks they consume per year, it is certain that they will feel both disgusted and scared. Admittedly, the appealing pricing of container sizes in the super market and the 32oz soda in the fast food, along with the good taste of soft drinks are good reasons to prefer soda over water. However, spending nearly $850 per year on soft drinks and consuming on average 1.5 12-ounce cans per day is a scary 2004 statistic. Although consumption of soft drinks has been slightly reduced in 2007 and 2008, a shift of consumer preferences towards a healthier diet is absolutely required, primarily on a domestic level. Parents should guide their children towards drinking milk and fruit juices instead of soft drinks and they should make sure to full their stock with healthy beverages.

    “Society is our broader home”

    Schools should ban soft drinks advertisements from their facilities in order to protect children from the great impact of those ads on them. Scientific studies suggest that childhood obesity is directly related to soft drinks advertisements. In this context, schools and other pedagogic organizations should stop the promotion and sale of soft drinks and junk foods in their cafeterias and promote alternative, healthier food choices that would contribute to children’s better physical development enabling them to have an improved physical activity.

    Similarly, organizations specialized in cancer prevention and anticipation, heart diseases, bone health and so on, should organize campaigns to inform consumers on reducing soft drink consumption.

    “Nation can put things in order”

    On a national level, the State should require restaurants to disclose the calorie intake of soft drinks on their menu. It is extremely important to mention nutrition information on the restaurant menus so that consumers are aware of the high amounts of sugar they consume every time they drink a 12oz soda can. Also, vending machines should declare the calorie content of each item they offer.

    Besides, the State should require large beverage companies to declare on their labels that the overconsumption of soft drinks increases the likelihood of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay, while it may displace nutritious foods from a balanced diet, thus resulting to osteoporosis.

    U.S Senate is also considering putting a federal tax on soft drink consumption arguing that such a measure would raise $1.5 billion per year and will lower soft drink consumption 1 percent. The revenues from taxes on soft drinks will be allocated towards the promotion of a healthier lifestyle and diet. At the same time, governmental and federal agencies would continue sponsoring medical and scientific research to the further exploration of the impact of soft drink consumption on human health.

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    Tennessee investigators say a 4-year-old boy was found roaming his neighborhood in the night, drinking beer and wearing a little girl’s dress he stole from under a neighbor’s Christmas tree. (Dec. 17)

    Who hasn’t had a ‘Margarita’ or a ‘Sex on the beach’? Although some cocktails may have been given flamboyant names, the truth of the matter is that we all love to taste the mixed flavors elegantly served on a glass or a cup every once in a while.

    We can now find cocktail bars, targeted to those people who come out of the office and want to go for a drink in a more upscale place than in a bar or a pub down the street. Such places offer a nice trendy environment, chill out music and videos and cozy seats so you can have a nice talk with your friends.

    Cocktail recipes grow by the minute, and nearly every country in the world contributes with a cocktail that has the country’s characteristic booze.Some examples are:

    Caipirinha: This brazillian cocktail is made with Brazil’s typical liquor called ‘cachaça’, mashed limes, sugar and ice, although lately, many variants of this delicious drink have come up such as passion fruit caipirinha.

    Margarita: Originally from Mexico, this cocktail is prepared with tequila, lime juice, triple sec and salt

    Miguelito: This is Costa Rica’s original cocktail made with ‘Guaro Cacique’, the ‘tico’s’ most representative liquor along with Imperial beer. This Cocktail is prepared with Cacique and coconut cream and served either on a shot or chilled.

    Mojito: This is Cuba’s cocktail icon, prepared with mashed spearmint leaves, rum, mineral water, sugar and crushed ice. Along with Margarita, this drink is popular around the world as it provides a refreshing flavor with a great after-taste.

    Other famous cocktails are: Bloody Mary, White Russian, Grasshopper, Mai-Tai, and Pina Colada.

    Cocktails are often happy accidents that happened to the bartender, so do not be afraid and start creating your cocktails at home, and you may be the cerator of the next world-famous cocktail.

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