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The Green Sieve

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Some cool news live images:

The Green Sieve
news live
Image by kern.justin

Gilded in the oak savanna.

In the leaning hills, where the summer sun turns the grassland to tinder, the savanna is a wind chime, rustling a harmonious lullaby like a new deck of cards in nimble fingers. Grasshoppers and mayflies and the chaff of newly dried seed catch in the sun. A dry, hot blizzard in an amber streetlamp.

The Arastradero Open Space Preserve is home to rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain lions and innumerable flavors of insects and birds, yet it is the trees that bring me here time and again. Before the axe and the wheel came to this land, enormous oak savannas like this one stretched across the midwest, the southwest and here along the west coast.

But the axe and the wheel did come and the savannas left. I like to think of the craggy and twisted forms that remain as wounded but unbent descendants of the stalwart soldiers who resisted the blade and the advance of civilization to hold the dusty California soil to the ground and to provide shade for the coyotes and mountain lions and rattlesnakes that weave through the tall grass of the American Veldt. As these sentinels slowly march from mother to child up and down the wind-tousled steppe, we flit about the outskirts of this preserve as insects, building and gnawing and living and dying. I hope that’s all we’ll ever do.

I came to the Arastradero preserve to connect with a particularly beautiful oak I’d passed (and photographed) on hikes before. I found her on the hillside as ever, arms outstretched, singing in the late evening breeze, fluttering fingers of bright green.

As I stood for a while here on the hillside, gilded in the afternoon, alone with my thoughts but for the oak and the whisper of the breeze and the hum-drum clicks and tweets of grassland animals, I thought, “I’ve been away too long,” and was reminded of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, and I’ve been thinking about it since.

I came back to the preserve to reconnect with a spot where I’d taken an old photo. Only now do I realize that same photograph was made nearly a year ago to the date. Oliver (who now runs and speaks and laughs) was with us then, asleep as an absolutely tiny three-month-old infant.

The change over the last year in Oliver provided, for me, a stark contrast with the constancy of the natural world, of these stalwart trees. How little they’ve changed. How little indeed will they change over the next century. Long may they roam on these hills and long may they feed my heart.
In the leaning hills.

I’ve cared a great deal about taking photographs for a long time. When people ask me how long I’ve been “into” photography, I often don’t have an answer. I can vividly remember becoming interested in my father’s camera when I was a kid. No idea how old.

In point of fact, my mother was cleaning house recently and asked that I sort through some old papers of mine. Tucked in a bunch of junk were loads of old prints made with a Vivitar point and shoot given me by my parents sometime while I was in fifth grade. The landscape/candid ideas are all there, but the execution was a long way from developed (and often still is)!

I found a renewed passion for image making when I was in college and then again in graduate school, although if truth be told, it’s been relatively steady for most of my life and those moments of renewed energy are likely just an interpretation of mine in hindsight.

I often return to the question of “Why?” Why should photography feel a bit like breathing and why should I derive so much satisfaction from it? I have loads of standard answers that you see on photoblogs and photo news sites ad naseum, revolving around physical/emotional enjoyment and the risk/reward of creativity and sharing, but these are pretty unsatisfactory.

I’ll tell you that the social networking and community aspects of photography are not what drives me to carry a camera to beautiful places. Neither is building a portfolio of images what puts my feet out the door. Although I run this blog and make every effort to post frequently, I often find myself going to great lengths to make images I find interesting and then leaving them on the hard disk at home for months or years at a time.

This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy every part of the process, from shooting to publishing; it’s just that, if those weren’t a feature of the photography/photoblog world, I would still shoot.

There is something about images and cameras that has always spoken to me, something in the process of making an extraordinary image that drives me across states and out of bed at strange hours. Images lie at the boundary between real and surreal, between ordinary and fantastic. They can tell the truth, they can lie, but good ones never let you know which. I find it thrilling to compare the different truths of the reality and the image made after. I like to imagine for a moment that the world is as strange as photographs make it seem, then I realize it’s far stranger.

I photograph because that’s who I am, it’s an authentic expression of myself. I mean authentic in the existential sense—that I am doing what comes naturally and being true to who I am. Sometimes explanations and reasons are trite and you just have to accept that you are what you are. Simply put, photography is.

Of course, existentialism takes for granted that, to the mind, the material world presents itself as incongruous and absurd. And maybe that’s what I find so damned rewarding about photography; the world is messy and strange and absurd, but there is a great harmony and undeniable humanity in standing amongst the nodding, tawny, and wind-threshed grain, catching on a wafer of silicon a few trillion photons that have spent eons bouncing around the interior of our sun, all the while inundated with the smells of flowering plants and buzzing insects, luring one another to sex and death in the burning heart of the afternoon, in the leaning hills.

Airmen learn how to react to Nuclear, Biological or Chemical
news live
Image by U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)
Produced by AFN Korea – "The Frontline Network"

American Forces Network Korea broadcasts news, information and entertainment on radio and television to more than 60,000 Department of Defense servicemembers, civilians and their families serving in the Republic of Korea.

AFN Korea is a multiservice organization made up of Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Department of the Army and Korean civilian employees. The network is organized with its headquarters in Seoul and five broadcast detachments throughout the South Korean peninsula.

To learn more about living and serving in Korea with the US Army, visit:

Join a social network with the US Military in Korea at

The Morning Calm Weekly command information newspaper is available online at

11pm NBC News LIVE
news live
Image by npicturesk
NBC News doing some special cover about the "Green Day" to save energy.
Notice the building illuminated as green to celebrate about the "Green Day."


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the quiet path

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A few nice maroc images I found:

the quiet path
Image by mhobl
on explore

Au soir tombant
Image by llyglad


Check out these casablanca images:

Sunset over Casablanca
Image by ksikappa
The Sun is setting down over the Medina of the city of Casablanca in Morocco. Towering over the cityscape is the minaret of Mosque Hassan II, the world highest minaret.

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The Mosque at High Tide, Casablanca.
Image by Geraint Rowland Photography
Casablanca, Morocco North Africa.

and if Twitter is your thing:


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by .nate

Mahabaleshwar the highest hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra in India , Mahabaleshwar is located approx 1372 meters around famous Lake Venna, Mahabaleshwar due to highest hills, Mahabaleshwar is Sanskrit for God of Great powerfulness. It was summer capital of Governor of the old Bombay Presidency. There are 30 wonderful valleys and beautiful viewpoints with panoramic vistas scattered around the hill station. its romantic and very pleasant for honeymooners.
There are also many viewpoints to see such like as Bombay point and Arthur’s point are the most famous, from Bombay point where the sea can see on a clear in day, and The Arthur’s point, which provides beautiful views of the Konkan coast .Mahabaleshwar is known for its one of the major attraction, its Venna lake has facilities for boating.The Britishers built various mansions, cottages and bungalows around the town, The place is famous with weekends lovers Climate of Mahabaleshwar. .
The whether of Mahabaleshwar is dry and pleasant and best in all the seasons, Mahabaleshwar has a moderate climate all through the year.
Summers are pleasant and temperature a minimum of 17C to a maximum of 28C. It is very pleasant and ideal for sight seeing. Time of summers is March to June
Monsoons time is good for visit here because average annual rainfall. Monsoon time of Mahableshwar June to September
Winters are very cool and the temperature minimum 5C to maximum 24C. perfect time for sight seeing .
Mahabaleshwar is highest hill station in the Western Ghats .
Accommodation in Mahabaleshwar
There are a number of
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One of the top Rhodes holidays ideas during your Rhodes holidays are to take pleasures of the following activities on the Greek Island of Rhodes:

1. Pictorial Charm

Tourists coming from around the world to Rhodes Island love to enjoy photogenic charm of the region. Amazing Landscape, Greenery, forests and trees are the major attractions on offer. You will really enjoy natural beauty of this unique region of Greece. Therefore, it is more than fun to take pleasures of the natural beauty during your Rhodes holidays.

2. Medieval Sites
It is the 2nd most attractive activity on Island Rhodes to visit medieval sites during vacations in 2010. The historical sites of Rhodes will let you back into the prehistoric times, where you can explore ancient wonders. These sites are worth seeing for art and history lovers during next Rhodes holidays.

3. Rhodes Accommodations
The other fascinating activity is to hire one of the many top Rhodes accommodations close to the beautiful sites. For the convenience of its tourists, Rhodes has established a range of luxurious and appealing hotels where you can stay as well as avail delicious cuisines during Rhodes holidays 2010.

4. Sight Seeing
Sight seeing is one of the most charming activities on Rhodes Island. Tourists from around the world see many of the eye catching sites in the region both renovated and with natural beauty. Most of the tourists from around the globe come to Rhodes with an intention to visit these breathtaking sites.

5. Wind Surfing
The continuous breeze of the island makes its weather ideal for wind surfing. Winder surfers can now avail this activity in most parts of the Island to make best Rhodes holidays. It will be a fascinating activity to take all its pleasures.

6. Water Sports
Waters Sports is another top activity being offered by many of the beaches in Rhodes. This activity can be availed by anyone. During this activity, you can take pleasures of the layers of the sea water while watching aquatic life inside. It is hence a full of life activity that will make your vacations perfect.

7. Monasteries
Another top activity for 2010 is to visit top monasteries of the region. These monasteries of the medieval times are the symbol of history. Visiting these places will give you an idea about the real Greek culture.

8. Beaches
Rhodes Island is known for its sunny beaches so another offer in this regard is to visit different beaches of Rhodes. There are natural as well as developed beaches where you can enjoy sun bathing, water sports, beach activities and a lot more. Rhodes world famous beaches will influence your memories to prompt you visit them again.

9. Victuals
If you love eating then this is the right place for you. You can visit the taverns beside beaches, hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy eating Greek and international cuisines.

10. Relaxation
Rhodes Island is good enough for the ones who seek peace during their stay in Rhodes, because it provides tourists with many tranquil resorts. You can even relax near the beach and various other peaceful resorts on the island.

Island Rhodes offers some of the great activities during

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