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Because of recent news relating to the development [re-development] of Cherrywood in the South of County Dublin I decided to see if I had any relevant photograph but the earliest usable photographs were taken in July 2013. I do know that I did photograph the area in 2010 and possibly in 2009 but I cannot locate the original photographs.

This photograph was taken in 2013 but nothing really changed between 2010 and 2013,

Back in 2010 I made the following comment online:

“The New Luas Extension Has Been Criticised By Commuters Who Cannot Park.”

“When it comes to transport in Dublin there have been two success stories in recent years. The DublinBike scheme is one and the other is the Luas tram system. Last Monday was a beautiful sunny day and after photographing the Dublin Marathon I decided that it would be a good idea to get the Luas to Cherrywood to see if I could take a few photographs. It was explained to me, by a gentleman that I met on the tram, that the land is now tied up in NAMA and as a result it cannot be developed as a park and ride facility. Commuters were turned away from the new Cherrywood terminus on opening day as there were no parking facilities available.”

“Cherrywood is one of Dublin’s newest suburbs and as can be seen from my photographs it is partly developed and there are some very large empty spaces and believe it or not there is a shortage of parking spaces. Some time ago a decision was made to extend the Sandyford (Green) Luas line to Cherrywood and construction started in February 2007 and the line became operational this month (October 2010) There are now two Luas stops in Cherrywood: Cherrywood and the terminus, Brides Glen.”

I would suggest that the tram stop at Laughanstown could be described as being in the area.

FRIDAY 10 FEB 2016:

Hines Ireland has officially started work on the first key phase of construction at Cherrywood in South County Dublin. If all goes well up to 30,000 people will live at Cherrywood by early in the next decade meaning that it will be as large as Bray and even larger than a town such as Athlone.

Brian Moran said, “The upfront delivery of the roads, cycle and pedestrian network and three wonderful parks is a pivotal moment for the Cherrywood project. These will be the green lungs for this modern new town and this not only strikes the right environmental note for Cherrywood to come but it also underpins our commitment to expedite the delivery of the 4,000 modern new homes within the Hines land holding."

"We are acutely aware of the enormous public demand for new housing stock and the submission of planning for the new €875 million Cherrywood Town Centre in the coming months will include 1300 new smart design apartments as part of this highly ambitious plan.”

In 2014, Hines acquired Cherrywood in South Dublin. The two components of this investment include an existing 52,000-square-meter office park and a 390-acre master-planned development site. The Cherrywood site has been acquired with approval for the construction of a new, retail-led mixed-use town center; up to 3,800 apartments and houses; and zoning capacity to expand the second largest office park in Dublin to three times its current size.

Mr. Moran is the Senior Managing Director responsible for developing Hines’ Ireland projects. He established the Hines platform in Ireland which currently has more than €1.2 billion of retail, office and residential assets under management, in addition to a major development pipeline which includes an additional €500 million of retail development and over 4,000 residential units. He rejoined the firm in 2011 having previously worked with Hines in Russia in the 1990’s.


Dallas Wings at Atlanta Dream
Event on 2017-07-09 15:00:00

at McCamish Pavilion
965 Fowler Street, N.W.
Atlanta, United States


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Projection ? LED TV ? – or view of sunset
led tv
Image by Amit@images

LED TVs on
led tv
Image by kongaaccess


It’s Time To Build And Protect Wealth

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

There are several reasons now is the perfect time to start an internet business, or to migrate some/all of your brick-and-mortar business to the world of click-and-order.

First, the liberal government continues its desperate dash toward driving America to socialism. As long as they still have the upper hand, the environment for more passive investment will be bad, and trending worse. Most of the “smart money” will stay on the sidelines until President Obama and his liberal majorities in both houses of Congress have moved into history; their control of the House of Representatives ends in just a few days. Meanwhile, they continue their scorched-earth efforts by attempting to set up as many tax-and-spend edifices as they can for the new conservative House to have to dismantle, including a new effort to regulate the internet itself. Ultimately, most of these efforts will be reversible, and the current momentum is clearly in the direction of removing the collectivist/statists and installing new lawmakers who believe in the free market that made the U.S. economy great. Entrepreneurs with vision – those who take personal responsibility now to get themselves into business on the ‘net – will lead this reversal into happier economic times. You want to be part of this new wave of inspirational leadership.

The current political/economic environment also means things are changing in the world economy, and changing in big ways. There is a multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer already underway, and the money will move from the uninformed to the informed – from those who cling to old ways of doing business to those who get ahead of the curve and anticipate the changes. Getting smart about the changing global economy should be your top priority… the winners in the new economy will employ investment strategies your traditional advisors only wish they knew about. And those winners are on the move right now, creating income streams on the internet that can be protected from such old-paradigm dangers as layoffs and union/government takeovers.

Another reason to move now is that barriers to entry are still incredibly low. You can develop a strong, sophisticated internet business with a surprisingly low investment from your TEAM of personal resources: Time, Energy, Attention, and Money. Align your internet business with a strong platform, or community of like-minded entrepreneurs (I can recommend the best ones), and you’ll get the coaching and support you need to succeed. These days, the upside of an internet income stream is substantial, while the downside risk is minimal.

Think about it. You know things are changing; the old ways of creating wealth are going away, and they’re not coming back. Twenty years from now, the wealthy will be those who had the vision and personal responsibility to learn how to make the internet work for them.

Don’t get left behind.



Michael Hume is a speaker, writer, and consultant specializing in helping people maximize their potential and enjoy inspiring lives. As part of his inspirational leadership mission, he coaches executives and leaders in growing their personal sense of well-being through wealth creation and management, along with personal vitality.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make money “one less thing to worry about” can learn more about working with Michael at

Anyone wanting to jump-start their vitality can browse through the best (and most travel-friendly) nutraceuticals on the market at

Michael and his wife, Kathryn, divide their time between homes in California and Colorado. They are very proud of their offspring, who grew up to include a homemaker, a rock star, a service talent, and a television expert. Two grandchildren also warm their hearts! Visit Michael’s web site at

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Thunder From Down Under
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at House of Blues – Dallas
2200 N Lamar St
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On Your Feet Dallas Dallas
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at Music Hall at Fair Park
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Hello fellow techno lovers, or those just waiting for the inevitable conversion to a new faith. From Sash to Picotto, this top 10 techno songs list really holds its own against any other on the web.

My own personal top techno songs may not be your own, nobody is perfect! If not then ultimately – fair enough. It’s completely relative to perspective although there are many songs many people like, so in some ways it’s more of a cross section of what people, including myself (yes I am a person), feel about techno. Of course you will get the odd techno viking saying, hey that’s not pure techno, and to be honest in some respects they are right.

Most techno is more hard edge, but the feeling is very similar and sometimes so hard to distinguish, that often many techno actually becomes more of a techno/trance combination, or even electro/techno.

I think all that matters though is the music, if you love electronica and the whole good vibe scene that goes with it, drop in – have a few Shandy’s and just appreciate it for what it is – really good music. What more can you ask for? OK probably quite a lot in all fairness, but it’s a pretty damn good place to start.

Deciding what is and is not techno can be hard even though there are techno cd’s dedicated purely to it. I actually sat down with my best mate (who incidentally is a an amazing producer of the stuff!) and we came up with a list for the top 10, but it can be pretty hard to distinguish between a lot of the tracks out there for what is and is not techno to put into our top techno songs list, or best techno songs, however you want to put it.

Ultimately many of the tracks are actually a mixture of trance and techno, but I’m sure most of you won’t mind as geniuses such as Tiesto and Darude have created many brilliant tunes down the years for us to listen to.

So here is our list of top techno songs, enjoy!

1.Sandstorm – Darude
2.Equador – Sash!
3.Insomnia – Faithless
4.Wizards of the Sonic – Westbam
5.Mysterious Times – Sash!
6.Lizard – mauro picotto
7.Children – Robert Miles
8.Encore En Fois – Sash!
9.In The Silence – DJ Contacreast
10.Komodo – Mauro Picotto

So I hope you like my top techno songs, I would love to know your own favorite top techno and ultimately your top techno songs, so please feel more than free to let me know in the comments box at the link provided and I hope to hear from you soon!

It’s all about the music!
Top Techno Songs Blog

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A few nice news images I found:

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Success means differently to every person. Ralph Waldo Emerson must have put it best when he said “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived” is success. Take it from a writer, but what if he is a totalitarian? Success is in fact in the same throne with happiness; both of them are birds of the same feathers; you simply can’t quantify it though they have now what is called the happiness index where people can be happy but have lower life satisfaction. How can you measure that, pray tell? An African beggar who’s not have food in days would be satisfied with a piece of bread. What can be lower than that? Maybe Henry Ford can answer now that car sales are plummeting.

The catch here is that we all do have to be successful in our own right and for us to have a fair if not accurate concept of success, we need to learn more about it. That is how we need the best success audio books around. Here are some great choices you can have:

For a classic story of a native girl returning home to serve the people with whom she grew up with, Anne of Avonlea would be a great candidate. One thing for sure it would be hard to find somebody of her kind. Most women now are city amazons, heading corporate organizations while rearing kids who grow up knowing all forms of formula milk and the latest gadgets.

L.M. Montgomery’s characterization of the woman who returned to teach in her native place is a perfect fit for Emerson’s simplistic outlook of success. The protagonist being a woman is also a great indication of how women can have character even outside the motherhood realm.

You can as well enjoy The Power of an Hour. This is a great read for those who have the entrepreneur spirit in them. This book will give sense to all actions that you do daily that when changed can give great impact to your personal or business success. This is about breaking hard to break habits but not in a linear and abrupt means but rather holistic and easy to follow along practical guidelines that will help you create better personal and business relationships.

The Teaching of the Little Crow: The Journey of the Soul is a great audio book for that believer of the twin flame soul-mate concept that people are used to believing. It is the definition of soul mate that runs in the spirituality aspect from metaphysics, Native American traditions to New Age teachings. This is more than just finding connectivity with someone else; it is about finding a connection with everything around you.

Success however is not all about others and what is not seen; it can be as simple as overcoming a weakness. Take the case of somebody who wants to read faster than he does for the reason that he wants to have a career in the law profession. Conquering the reading difficulty can be done. Yes a good start is to read Master Reader. This audio book will teach you how to double your reading speed and yet still understanding what you are reading.

The point here is that you have to define your own success and find a good success audio book that can help you achieve that.

For those who wish to discover more about self help audio books why not do some research here: self help audio books


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David Feherty
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David Feherty is a former professional golfer on the European Tour and PGA Tour. He now works as a writer and broadcaster with NBC Sports and Golf Channel.Born in Northern Ireland, he spent most of his playing career in Europe, where he won five times and finished in the top ten twice in the European Tour's Order of Merit, placing tenth in 1989 and eighth in 1990. He spent 1994 and 1995 playing mainly on the PGA Tour in the U.S., and the best result on the tour was a second place finish at the 1994 New England Classic. Feherty represented Ireland in international competition and captained the victorious 1990 Alfred Dunhill Cup team. Feherty played for Europe on the 1991 Ryder Cup team.n 1997, he retired from the tours and began his career as an on-course reporter and golf analyst. Feherty is a contributor to Golf Magazine and has his own column in the back of the magazine called Sidespin. He is also the New York Times and Booksense best-selling author of four books, A Nasty Bit of Rough,Somewhere in Ireland a Village Is Missing an Idiot, An Idiot for All Seasons, and David Feherty's Totally Subjective History of the Ryder Cup. On 21 June 2011, Feherty premiered his own weekly primetime talk show called Feherty on the Golf Channel.David is also a co-announcer on EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour series with Jim Nantz and is a periodic guest on Dallas' sports radio station, KTCK. Feherty also appears in advertisements for Bridgestone Golf and Hyundai.In 2014, Feherty decided to take his act on the road and travel across North America for his new live show Feherty Off Tour Wandering Around On His Own. [Source & additional tour dates]He will bring his cutting edge style with great stories from behind the scenes and much humor to this one show in Chicago this fall.

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