Sippy cups are a good way to wean your baby from his bottle. To drink from a Sippy cup will make the transition to a real cup a lot easier. The baby will learn through cause and effect that by tipping the cup towards himself he will be rewarded with a refreshing drink of water or juice. Practise makes perfect however, so do not expect it to work first time.

Some Sippy cups have a silicone teat in a square like shape, to remind the baby of the bottle, making them more willing to try the Sippy cup than a tough plastic spout. However some prefer the tougher sprout as when they are teething it gives them something to bite on, plus cool their gums with a nice cold drink. 

If you decide that you do not wish to opt for the non-spill Sippy cup as it can sometimes be harder to get the liquid through, then be sure to have a lid on your Sippy cup, or you can also purchase Sippy cups with a retractable spout. This work really well when placing them in your hand bag, or within a changing bag.

If your baby does not want to give up the bottle, you could try using a Sippy cup for one of the baby’s usual feeds to get them used to the feeling of the Sippy cup, as it can be a very different experience to the usual bottle.  Some Sippy cups have the measurements on the side of the cup so that if you do use formula you can see how many ounces and millilitres you are using to make up the baby’s feed.

By having the handles on the side of the Sippy cup give your baby something to hold onto, encouraging hand to eye co-ordination. Plus with all the different colours and styles the Sippy cup comes in, your baby will love to hold,  bite and drink from their new toy, while at the same time they are learning to become more independent.  Not all babies will use a Sippy cup, so if your baby does not take to the idea it is not the end of the world.  Maybe they will be able to use a regular cup, with some help, once they have a steady enough hand. You may find your baby will decide on their own when they are ready to use another form of drinking aid. By the time that the child reaches its first birthday, your baby may like to use something other than the bottle, if that is the case then the Sippy cup could well be a big hit with your toddler.

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