Coffee snobs are slowly losing ground to the plastic pod people.
Drinking single-cup coffee is highest among well-off young adults: 18 to 34 year-olds earning over $ 75,000-a-year drink single-cups 64% of the time compared with just 51% for those earning less than $ 75,000. “Roasted coffee's dominance is forecast to …
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Local Coffee Shop Branches Out Overseas
The locally headquartered coffee shop started franchising this year and the calls, text and emails started pouring in not only outside the Midwest, but outside the United States. Countries like Dubai, Pakistan, and India were all interested in the …

Is your coffee habit killing you or saving your life?
There's so much conflicting evidence out there about coffee's health benefits because, first of all, nutrition science is a relatively young field, says registered dietitian Susan Mitchell. And coffee is a pretty complex beverage, so it's true that …
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