Check out these coke images:

Coke vs. Pepsi?
Image by jpellgen
It looks like this is an advertising battle between Coke and Pepsi, but actually that isn’t a Pepsi ad. Seen from the HEP Five Ferris wheel.

HEP Five is a shopping complex that caters to the younger crowd which hangs out in Umeda. You can find many supposedly trendy clothing shops and foreign goods. It is perhaps most famous for its Ferris wheel, however, which operates from the top floor. The Ferris wheel rises 106m from the ground and has 52 gondolas from which to view the Osaka environs. It is a very distinguishable building for sure.

Coke Ad
Image by megaul
One day my friend Jenna and I were drinking some coke, someone told me I should send the photos I took to Coca-Cola. I tested them out by using their new logo, no copyright infringment!

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