Question by slappzilla: Does french vanilla cappuccino have more caffeine in it than a regular cup of coffee?
This morning, at the gas station, I filled my mug up with french vanilla cappuccino cause they were pretty much giving it away. It tasted good, probably a 600 calorie cup of coffee too as it was so creamy.

Anyways, I felt weird after my morning coffee this morning. A little extra jittery even. Is that from the sugar or whatever in the cappuccino or is there more caffeine in cappuccino or what?

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Answer by rootshappy
As long as the cappuccino was a single, it should have about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, since an espresso shot has about the same or even a bit less caffeine than regular coffee.

It’s probably the sugar making you feel jittery. Those fancy coffee drinks have a lot of sugar! There might be artificial flavorings in there as well – I don’t know if you are sensitive to chemicals in your food, but the gas station is probably not using an all-natural French vanilla syrup to flavor the coffee.

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