Some cool milk images:

Drinking a pint of milk at Gatwick airport
Image by truu
Oh, those silly rules at airport making us mad. This girl needs her milk.

Milk run
Image by denaldo
I’m starting a new set.
I have a calendar I carry with weird things marked down that happened
on each day. I m going to try to take at least one pic a week that references one of these events.
To begin, on February 18, 1930, Elk Farm’s Ollie became the first cow ever to be milked while flying on an airplane. The milk was collected in papaer containers that were then parachuted down over St. Louis Missouri.
One small step for a cow. One giant leap for man’s kine.

Milk & gingerbreads
Image by Suviko
Old style soft huge gingerbreads with glass of milk. Bliss.

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