As the only Christian country in Asia, Filipino are known for having the longest Christmas celebration in the world.  You could start to hear Christmas carol as early as September.  Officially, Christmas season usually start at December 16 and ended January 06 during the three king celebration.  Christmas is the most awaited Filipino season for  this is the time that family and friends reunited to celebrate together, the celebration which is highlighted by exchanging gift and singing christmas carol.  Christmas get together is not complete without Filipino special recipe on the table, among them is Morcon or Beef Stuffed Roll Recipe.  Morcon also known as lutong Pasko (Christmas Celebratory Recipe) as Christmas celebration is not complete without morcon in the table.  The preparation time for morcon usually took 3 hours depending with the beef consistency.  It uses special flavorful ingredient that makes this recipe so special for special occasion such as Christmas.  You could always try this awesome Filipino recipe by following my detail instructions below.


2 kg beef, cut  12 mm thick  x 30 cm x 20 cm

Phillips Vienna sausage

Carrots cut into strips

Grated cheese


Ham, cut into strips

Hard Boiled Egg


Liver Spread

Tomato Sauce


1 tsp Peppercorn

1 cup Soysauce

Pickles, slice

Beef Bouillon

Vetsin (Optional)

8 pcs calamansi


Procedure for Cooking :


Marinate Beef with soysauce and calamansi for 1-2 hours.  Lay beef on a platter and add strips of bacon, ham, Vienna sausage, bacon.  Add Prunes, grated cheese, slice of hard boiled egg, pickle, and carrots. Roll beef and make sure that the filling stays inside, use thread to tie.  Roll over beef with flour to cover and fry for few minute.  In a casserole, bring to a boil fried roll beef with ½ liter of water, add 1 cup of soysauce, bay leaf, ground peppercorn, beef bouillon, vetsin for 3-4 hours, add water if needed to achieve tenderness.  When meat tenderness was achieved separate beef from the sauce then add Liver spread to the sauce to add flavor and to thickened.  Slice beef into ring then pour thickened sauce at the top to cover meat.


Traditionally, beef morcon is usually offered with other special food recipe during Christmas and among them are Menudo, Kaldereta, Suman and Lechon with homemade hot choco milk.  During my childhood days, I usually dip pan bread on Morcon sauce as the sauce are so tasty.  You should try this awesome Filipino recipe and for sure you will love it too.

Hello I am Daisy, I just want to share my blog about Filipino Recipe as Cooking is my passion, It include Sinigang  and Adobo which is my kids all time favorite.

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