GT5 gameplay. Race Modified Suzuki Cappuccino (EA21R) ’95 RM — one of the 17 cars in GT5 that can be Race Modified by the game (in Auto GT garage — the same place where you change oil). These mods are relatively expensive (100000+ credits). You can still upgrade and paint your car after the Race Modification has been done. The results are usually anywhere between good and impressive. Here’s the lil Suzuki Cappuccino beating the HorsePower-wise more powerful competitors by a large margin. RM as in the video specs:112HP/7000RPM/590kg (there are 2 additional engine upgrades that make this thing 133 HP) Complete recording of this London 3-lap race. Actual In-cockpit driving in the main window and the multiple perspective replay in the smaller overlay frame. 720 HD viewing recommended.
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