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Important Tips in Juicing for Diabetes

Juicing is a good way to control weight and the level of blood glucose of a person. This involves combining fresh vegetables and fruits and letting them go through a juicer. is a good way to have a day’s nutrients without worrying about a spiked blood glucose level. In this article are important factors to remember when so that you are sure to have a healthier diet.


One important thing to remember is to know how many carbohydrates your juice contains. When carbohydrates are taken in, they turn to glucose. Therefore when , it is best to be aware how much carbohydrates your drink has. Make your own juice instead of buying one from the store. Commercial juices are loaded with carbohydrates and they will increase your BGL.


When you start , it is important to monitor your blood sugar first. If it is high, do not go for fruit juices. Go for a vegetable juice instead. If you still prefer a fruit juice, limit your intake of it. A typical 4-ounce orange juice that contains four oranges has 15 carbohydrates. People usually drink 12 ounces of orange juice therefore that would contain 45 carbohydrates. That would surely spike your BGL.



In juicing, it is also important to choose vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. This would balance your blood glucose level. Always go for organic and fresh ingredients and include their peel as this has more fiber. You can also include a tablespoon of flax seed or ginger so as to add more fiber to your juice drink. If you add more water to your drink, this would also help normalize your blood sugar. One good thing about fruit juices is that when your blood sugar lowers, it will help increase it.


Vegetable juices are good for diabetics. If you want to juice vegetables, use leafy greens as they are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. Leafy veggies include collard, kale and mustard greens. You can also add ginger to your vegetable juice to have a tastier drink. Ginger will also clean your immune system. Vegetable juicing is ideal for those who simply do not like to eat vegetables as they still get the nutritional value of the vegetables.


You can juice cucumbers with their peel as they are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. To make the drink tastier, you can add a little garlic or onion. While garlic cleanses the immune system, onion decreases blood glucose level.


In , you can also combine both fruits and vegetables. This will make a nutritional health drink filled with fiber. The fruits will also give a good taste. An example would be juicing one piece of apple, 1 piece of cucumber, 1 cup of kale, a tablespoon of flaxseed meal, and a few nuts as protein. This will only total to 35 carbohydrates.


When you have diabetes, it is necessary to always check what you eat. To be sure that you eat the right food, you can replace a meal with a vegetable juice. is a healthy diet that will definitely control your blood sugar level.

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