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Krups Espresso Machine: What is on Offer?

When it comes to making espresso machines, there are few companies that can compete with the products made by Krups.  Their espresso machines are sleek, stylish, and easy to operate.  Ranging in price from under 0 to more than 00, there is a good chance that Krups has an espresso machine to fit your needs and your budget.  So which Krups espresso machine should you go with?

With so many espresso machines to choose one, and with such a variety of prices, this is definitely a decision that requires research and consideration.  No worries though, we have taken care of that for you.  In all, Krups offers four categories of espresso machines: fully automatic espresso machines, combination machines, pump machines, and steam machines.  Read on and choose for yourself.

– The two most popular machines in this category are the Krups XP9000 and the Krups XP7230 compact automatic.  Both come in at over 00, with the XP9000 coming in at a price of just over 00.  The more expensive of the two machines features an option to choose the strength of your coffee, as well as the option to program the amount of coffee dispensed.  The second model is smaller than the higher priced one and has fewer features, but still gives customers the ability to customize various settings.


– The Krups XP4030 and the XP4050 are the two most popular pump espresso machines made by Krups.  In terms of price, the XP4030 is 0 cheaper, but still has most of the features of the XP4050.  The XP4050 is more expensive because it is programmable, and comes with an additional “auto-cappuccino” feature that guarantees users the perfect froth on their drinks.

– The most affordable Krups espresso machines are a part of the steam espresso machine line.  With both under 0, these espresso machines definitely offer great quality at a more than affordable price.  The Krups steam espresso machine is an affordable option to the more expensive Krups machines, mainly because it is constructed with plastic.  The Krups XP1500 is an affordable option as well, especially considering it works as a combination machine, allowing users to switch from coffee to espresso.

– Combination espresso machines do exactly what their name implies – they make a combination of espresso and good old-fashioned coffee.  The three most popular combination machines include the XP2070, the XP2010, and the XP1500. The XP2010 and the XP2070 are both pump espresso machines, while the XP1500 is a steam espresso machine.  Of the three, the XP1500 is the lowest-priced, at under 0.  All three are generally the same size, and the main difference between the two centers on the materials from which they are made.  The XP2070 is programmable, unlike the other two models.

The Krups line of espresso machines is not without problems or issues.  Most of the problems however, seem to center on spillage, poor frothing, and weak coffee – all common problems associated with most espresso machines.

With so many different home espresso machines around, it is difficult to choose the best espresso machine for you. Find out what you should consider before you buy an espresso machine.

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