Starting from June 23, Yongle



Will be pouring money into efforts to build “appliances Banquet.” Wing-lok, responsible person said: Leshan consumer electronics market has long formed the business day begins the evening of the habit of closing, in general, hours are not more than 19:00. However, the Leshan


Who are willing to go shopping after dinner. Daily 19:00 to 9:00, the downtown


Shopping, daily crowded mall. Market has closed shop and home appliances, consumers after work or after dinner to buy


Xinhua did not place. Yongle electrical appliance in the weekend night market, currently there is for the convenience of the consumer shopping guide a kind of trend of consumer-centric service.

Purchase of electrical goods

now have not many years ago, select few, high price. With the improvement of the overall consumption level, is now buying behavior with a very random. Driving home suddenly feel like we should buy Taiwan

Air conditioning



, They will come in to purchase, home appliances is no longer


Made for necessity, people have been reluctant to spend too much energy and time to buy air conditioning. In such a trend, with the weather warming up, time for consumers to buy home appliances like in the past have been fixed in the weekend or major holidays. On the contrary, has become a normal day for consumers to buy household appliances, especially cool for several hours after dinner time. Information, from entering the end of June since the non-holiday period, the Yongle summer home appliances, such as air conditioning, color TV,



Washing machine

Daily sales were stable in the province millions of dollars more, maintained a steady upward trend; Secondly, in the Paradise Chengdu several stores, night gradually increased purchase frequency. Wing-lok, stakeholders analysis, said the next day, the temperature will continue to rise, consumers will not go out during the day can come in the night, the relative decline in temperature, reduced flow of shopping wife, cool environment when choosing appliances. For most office workers, the usual summer day no time to buy household appliances, family and friends reunion or a short weekend would rather


To relax these time periods do not want to make a purchase in the evening to buy into the consumer group the best shopping session. Therefore, the Yongle organized specifically for this major consumer appliance summer night market.

It is understood that this Paradise night market held in the summer home appliances, will be air conditioning, color TV, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, five categories of goods as the “main battlefield.” Among them, the TV will reach the highest drop 8,000 yuan, 1,200 yuan decrease the maximum air conditioning, refrigerator maximum drop 3,000 yuan, 1,500 yuan decline washing up. Opening hours extended to 9 pm, excess delivery of benefits and special machines, the price in line with the weekend, or even lower, is double the number of gifts.

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