According to Voice of “News Coverage” 8:08 reported by the raw milk price rose sharply, labor, transportation costs and other factors, present, Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other local brands of liquid milk have price increases, despite the current Mengniu Erie and other brands of milk price is still tight, but driven by cost factors, price increases as if the general trend.

However, the dairy farmers and farming enterprises have invested more than reflect their profits decreased, while circulation at least put the interests of the chain, profits are up. What caused such a serious commitment and profit distribution inverted Then, how crack?

Carrefour in Qingdao, Shandong, RT-Mart, Northern Trade and other supermarkets, piano brand, local brands, Qingdao Spring Festival and other music, whether it is pure Milk Or yogurt, prices rose about 10%. National Dairy

province of Heilongjiang Province, the major Dairy Enterprises, although almost all have chosen anything, but pressure is increasing price adjustment. A well-known head of corporate business executives say many of my mind:

We are holding on lot, actually. The cumulative survival of businesses do not rely on the profitability of ah? As the industry I fully understand prices do not rise to be barely holding on, I think prices should be sooner or later.

For milk price increase for domestic reasons, Qingdao Pan Ruichun Yingchun music group president, said dairy, Raw materials Substantial increase in prices of the main factors are:

Raw milk now up about 50% turned out to be 2 4 3 6 now, sugar, Package Materials, including transportation costs, wage costs are rising, production costs increased by 30%, Mengniu, Yili may transfer his milk across the country, he may also lower the cost.

Impact of the current milk milk price decline is a major factor. Inner Mongolia dairy farming conditions are unique, but due to constantly forage and milk the lowest prices and other reasons, backyard farmers generally reflected: in the money-losing cattle. Taiping Town W Saihan District, Hohhot village one day, the milk yield is less than 10 tons, only about half last year.

As Melamine The outbreak, the Hebei Province in the dairy industry in the difficult recovery, the current dairy sales market is highly competitive. Dairy Industry Association of Hebei Province issued a quarterly operating report showed that 58 dairy enterprises in the province a quarter of a loss, but also the interests of the uneven distribution chain, the local brand “public” price of dairy products for many years did not move the terminal while cost is rising year by year, corporate profits declined. Dairy farmers in the upstream industry chain, it is feeling the high cost of dairy farming, breeding enthusiasm down. Shijiazhuang farmers Lu Libin look of melancholy:

Because the relatively large investment for each cow needs about 10 000 bar, can not say that you look not work immediately sell it? It is not realistic, because that pay more.

Dairy milk is the cornerstone of enterprise development, Hohhot City government and Mengniu, Yili, the two companies, in consultation Unity Improve the health of the purchase price of fresh milk, milk Hohhot soil monitoring brigade, LIU Li-ping Left Banner:

2.80 protein is 2.6 yuan per kg, 2.85 for protein is 2.65 yuan per kg, 2.9 protein is 2.7 yuan, from the May 1 start on the implementation of this standard.

Raw and fresh milk purchase price rise, means that the production costs. National dairy industry technology system chief scientist, Professor Li Shengli, China Agricultural University said: milk price increase is normal.

Now more than the national scale milk processing enterprises closing price of 3 3 of individual companies over the purchase price in two 8, milk prices, and milk prices is normal.

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