A few nice beef stew images I found:

Beef Stew drew
beef stew
Image by kimba
mmm guiness beef stew!

beef stew for dinner & bread pudding for dessert!
beef stew
Image by rockamandy
beef stew for dinner & bread pudding for dessert!

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Beef Stew
beef stew
Image by paranoidnotandroid
We deliberately chose a place to eat which seemed less touristy, although this may have been a mistake because the food wasn’t that great. It wasn’t horrible though. I ordered the beef stew special because my Mother used to make this for me, which I can only assume she learned from her mother who was English, so ergo eating this meal in England kind of completes the circle. Or something like that. I thought the Yorkshire pudding tasted good, but was totally baffled by the strange-tasting orange lump on the right. I asked the waitress what it was and was told that it was "swede". My response: "OK…what’s swede?" elicited some laughter from the surrounding customers. Look, I know I’m a dumb American, just answer my stupid questions please.

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