Best of all the meat is not that grey color you so often find when you bring the package of ground beef home and open it up to find that only the top layer is red and healthy looking. This is because there are no additives. You can avoid this if you can have the butcher grind your cuts of meat while you wait, therefore a nice red color throughout.

What I like is I can make a nice large burger that is cooked medium rare so the flavor has not been lost through over cooking. Put that on a fresh homemade bun with some tomatoes and onions, from the garden, and a little mayo and mustard or ketchup and you are ready for a taste treat that will make you fall in love with the American burger all over again. Wimpy, would even bowl over Popeye to get to one.

When grilling natural grass fed beef make sure the fire is nice and hot and the grill metal itself is also nice and hot. Do not just turn on the heat and then throw the burger on to cook. This does not help to lock in any flavor. The hot grill and fire sear the meat and lock in the flavorful juices instead of slow cooking where the meat will toughen and lose flavor, no matter how good the cuts of meat that go into the ground beef. The same hold true for pan frying. Using a cast iron pan is the best way to get an even heat. You will find that with natural grass fed beef you may have to add a little oil to the frying pan because the meat is so lean. Most important! Only turn the burger once when you are cooking it, no matter what the method. Turning it more than once causes the flavorful juice to seep out. Even if the meat is well seared it well get tough and tasteless no matter the cut or if the meat is grain fed or grass fed.

By Win Brookhouse – Contributing writer for Support natural grass fed beef

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