Anhydrous milk fat is usually made from the fresh cream that is obtained from the milk. The word anhydrous means without water. So, anhydrous milk fat is the milk fat that does not contain any water in it. This is also called clarified butter, butter oil or ghee. The best part of using milk fat is that unlike normal butter, it does not turn out to be rancid and can be stored for about a year. This is easier to mix with other products and is used in ice cream and chocolate manufacturing industries too.


You can slather butter oil or clarified butter on toasts or pancakes or even sprinkle it over steamed vegetables. It is usually made from butter by heating it over burner, but in many cases people also prepare it in the oven. Following are some of the simple steps to prepare milk fat by yourself in your kitchen.


1.   Take four sticks of butter and, unpack them and place them in a pan. Turn on the gas burner to medium-low heat and let the butter melt. If you use better tasting butter in this process, the better the milk fat you will be able to prepare.

2.   Let the butter melt. As soon as the butter starts boiling, you will see that it will start to break up into a white frothy material on the top and then sediments at the bottom. Keep in mind that you should not stir the butter while it is boiling because this will recombine the separated milk and fat solids.

3.   Continue the process of simmering the butter. Keep checking the bottom of the pan at an interval of every 5 minutes, so that it is not burnt, by gently tilting the pan to one side and the other.

4.   For the next 20 -25 minutes keep checking  the boiling butter until the sediment at the base of the saucepan turns out to be  golden brown in color  and the water above it changes to amber in color. As soon as you notice the color change, remove the pan from the heat.

5.   Leave the clarified butter uncovered for around 30 minutes so that the sediment settles down.

6.   Place a strainer, lined with cheesecloth over a bowl. Pour the butter oil through the strainer into the bowl. Now, you will get your pure butter oil or anhydrous milk fat in the bowl. The highest-quality of butter oil is obtained after cooling the long-simmered butter and then skimming off the top-most layer.

7.   Place the butter oil in sterilized airtight jars. When it cools down, it will solidify and its color will change to yellowish-white. This is your anhydrous milk fat.


So, enjoy milk fats without actually intaking fats in your body by consuming anhydrous milk fat and use it to become healthier.  Studies have shown that butter oil appears to help in lowering down the cardiovascular risks, chiefly when the fats consumed by a person are solely from the plants or plant oils. Hence, one can improve his/her health by consuming clarified butter in a balanced way.

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