Question by puzzledfemale!: Has anyone ever suffered from stomach aches because of soya milk?
I think it has such an effect on me occasionally. I had a home-made soya strawberry smoothie yesterday, and nearly 24 hours later, my stomach is still sore and gurgling. I vomited a couple of times last night and have a burning sensation in the stomach area. I’ve occasionally had a stomach ache after a soya latte but not as fierce as this one.
The milk was a fresh carton and proper soya milk. My sister had some and she was ok. I have cow’s milk, too, but get bloated sometimes, which is why I balance with soya/rice milk, too. I didn’t shake the carton, maybe this was the problem.

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Answer by 2manydogs
you may have gas pains from soya milk, or the milk may have fermented or spoiled. I have to take Beano when I drink soy milk or it hurts my stomach.

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