Liquid forms made from fruits or vegetables is called Juice.   The compound thus made is composed of natural nutrients and you can digest it easily. Juice can also be primed by mixing milk or coke or cream. Irrespective of age juice is good for all.

The treatment, using raw juices made from fruits and vegetables is called Raw Juice Therapy. It is also known as juice fasting. One can use this method of treatment being the most effective way to revamp his health and rejuvenate one’s body.

If you wish to relax your digestive and assimilative organs, you need to follow raw juice therapy. This system has an important role of ensuring incorporation of food and deployment of its nutrients into one’s body. If you practice ‘Raw Juice Therapies’ it would rally round your body in many ways. It will enhance annihilation capacity of lungs, liver, kidneys and skin, in addition to quickening eradication of metabolic wastes and toxins from the body.

Positive effects of taking Raw Juice:

a) Fruits and vegetable juices which are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural sugars is required for right functioning of different parts of the body. In order to activate cell regeneration and thereby gearing up the recovery process this therapy is required.  

b)  Fruits and vegetable juices facilitate direct assimilation of nutrients in the blood stream.

c)  Normal acid-alkaline balance in the blood requires consumption of raw fruit juices.

d)  The presence of organic minerals like calcium, potassium and silicon in raw fruit juices prevent premature ageing of cells and disease and hence , one should take it.

e)  The presence of natural medicines, vegetal hormones and antibiotics in raw juices made from string beans, cucumber, onion, radish or tomatoes facilitate natura treatment of the body.  

Precautions to be Observed while Taking Juices:

a)  It is good if you prepare your juice only from fresh fruits and vegetables.

b)  Preparation of juices and its consumption should be done immediately. Juices should not be used if it is canned or frozen.

c)  Extracting juices is an art and hence, be careful.  Because, incomplete extraction would leave behind fibre and pulp containing important enzymes & vitamins.

d) Quantity of juices should have been matched with immediate requirements.

e)  Less sweet juices or mixture of sweet juices with water is required for patients having diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure.

Different Types of Juices

i) Juices made from sweet fruits (grapes etc.);
ii) Juices made from sub-acid fruits (apple, pear, cherry etc.);
iii) Juices made from acid fruits (orange, lemon etc.);
iv) Juices made from vegetable fruits (tomato, cucumber etc.);
v) Juices made from green leafy vegetables (cabbage, lettuce etc.); &
vi) Juices made from root vegetables (carrot, radish etc.).

In short, it can be said that juices prepared from fruits, stir up toxins and acids by stimulating the eliminative process of our body but juices made from vegetables alleviate the exhausted nerves and work in a serene manner.

Mixing of Juices:)

One thing should be kept in minds that do not mix up of more than two varieties of juices, as it would create troubles in our body. But, in case you mix-up of two varieties of juices, following rules to be followed:  

i)  Juices of sweet fruits can be mixed with sub-acid fruits and not with other fruits.
ii)  Similarly, sub-acid fruits can be mixed up with sweet fruits and acid fruits and not with other fruits.
iii)  Acid fruits can be mixed with sub-acid fruits as well as with vegetable fruits and not with other fruits/vegetables.
iv)  In this way, vegetable fruits can be mixed up with acid fruits and green leafy vegetables and not with other fruits/vegetables.
v)  Green leafy vegetables can also be mixed up with vegetable fruits and with root vegetables and not with other fruits/vegetables.
vi)  Finally, root vegetables can be mixed with green leafy vegetables and not with other fruits/vegetables.

Methods of Taking Juices

Proper selection of juices extracted from a best quality juicer is highly essential for treatment of any ailment . For example, juices made from carrot, cucumber & other vegetables is ideal for the treatment of asthma, arthritis and skin disease but juices made from orange can aggravate these disease.

If you are maintaining raw juice therapy you should be careful about taking it in a regular intervals and in a perfect quantity. A glass of raw juice can be taken in every three hours for 5-6 times a day for juice therapy. In the morning lemon juice may water and honey. The juice therapy can be continued for 30-40 days causing any harm. This quantity of juice can be increased slowly. Sometimes, juice therapy can create pain in the abdomen, headache, weakness, fever, sleeplessness or bad breath but these problems should not be checked by using medicines, as these problems would automatically vanish after continuance of the therapy for a few days.

Dr Stella Francis is a renowned general physician in NY city. She is also an experienced writer who has written plenty both on-site and off-site on health related subjects. In case you are willing for further information on good quality juicers may  link masticating juicer review and Jack Lalanne juicer review to boost your Juicing effort.

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