Drought-induced increase in the cost of feeding cows, or is causing a new round of Yunnan, the phenomenon of cows become beef cattle. It is understood the recent high cost of some dairy farmers under the pressure of the diverted, or to open a restaurant, or in selling beef.

“The impact on downstream firms most direct impact is that butterflies spring, Europe and Asia, a day ahead and a number of dairy enterprises to the acquisition Raw material Far to meet the market demand for milk can only be reduced Milk powder Production to ensure the liquid milk market and reduce the Southeast Asian market, shipments, production and other compression. “Yunnan Hua-Ming Mao Dairy Association, said” the enthusiasm of farmers feeding cows do not improve in the next few months, the gap in Yunnan raw milk will always exist.

Acute shortage of raw milk costs

“Before we had the venue in 2600 Chenggong breeding cows, and later moved to Songming, the number dropped to 2,200 cow bull, now reduced by one third, only a thousand bulls in the maintenance of livelihoods.” Rising feeding costs, so that conservation of mountain Songming culture of discourse in large become more helpless.

It is understood that the higher cost this year was mainly due to Feed Price increases, fewer and fewer grass, straw, all to be purchased, such as corn feed prices keep rising. In addition, “in the provinces of the purchase price of raw milk, the price is relatively low position in Yunnan.” Hua-Ming Mao said, “Foreign market, at present, raw milk price has broken through the 3.5 yuan / kg, while only in Yunnan 2.6-2.8 yuan / kg, net of fees paid to the milking station, the price farmers get lower hand. “

Low purchase price of raw milk is just one of the causes, Hua-Ming Mao that Chenggong livestock factory relocation and other reasons, makes the cow in Yunnan is also a 30% reduction in the number one reason and because of drought-induced increase in costs, farmers do not culture enthusiasm.

Milk reduction Guarantee the supply of fresh milk

Recently, a large number of export to Thailand, Myanmar, the butterfly spring packet milk powder market started to decline in capacity from 450 tons to 150 tons a month less. “Partly because the Southeast Asian market, the price of milk powder and the domestic market upside down, so we reduced the export of milk powder, and then turned to the domestic market Sell . “Butterfly Spring Dairy The responsible person, another important reason is that, due to dry thoroughly, Yunnan raw milk had major gaps, but also allows companies to reduce production of milk powder to ensure that milk market supply.

On production and limit sales of raw milk in the gap under the influence of the pressure has begun to highlight the company, Kunming Hai Zi Xin Zou Dairy Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, said, “In Yunnan, the cost of raising dairy cattle feed mainly on young above, green fodder can not solve the problem, the gap will continue to exist in the coming months, or even higher dairy prices. “

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