If you want New York style delicatessen lunches, the Corned Beef Factory is one of the best restaurants in Baltimore. Although a relative newcomer to the realm of
Baltimore delis, the Corned Beef Factory is no shrinking violet.  It will bring back memories of corned beef sandwiches you had when you were a kid.  At the Corned Beef Factory you’ll receive some of the finest quality food and better than superior service.  They are consistent and well known for the customer service.

Although new to the area, the owners have vast experience in deli restaurant service. You won’t find a better New York style delicatessen anywhere in the Baltimore area. As a first rate Baltimore deli, they maintain a consistent service as well as the best and tastiest sandwiches for the price.  There’s no minimum order for delivery and you will find they are a remarkable place for lunch.

And, the story doesn’t end with the savory corned beef although they serve up the best in Baltimore corned beef.  You can choose from an eclectic menu that ranges from their delicious Maryland crab soup to the mouth watering roast brisket sandwich.  For those trying to decide where to eat in Baltimore, this one’s a no-brainer.  

And if you really want to make your next event a hit and you’re looking for catering in Baltimore, you’re in luck, because the mouth watering dishes served at the eatery are also available at reasonable prices.

Searching for restaurants in Baltimore? Put this one at the top of your list.  They have been serving the area since March, 2010 with their free delivery and quality food.  For one of the best restaurants in Baltimore, try them out for top notch New York style deli sandwiches and so much more. Give them a call to take advantage of their free delivery today!

This article was prepared on behalf of The Corned Beef Factory at 3515 Eastern Ave in Baltimore.  Call them at 443-653-5684 for the best in Baltimore delis or visit: http://thecornedbeeffactory.com

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