Question by McDonalds Love: What type of mold do soft drinks produce?
Today my Leadership class and I were cleaning out a storage closet and moving it to another one. Anyway, my friend and I discovered this bin of probably 30 soft drinks and at the bottom there was this swamp of brown soda and in it were these dark/black and yellowish white molds floating around. I could have sworn that I saw one move, but I could have imagined it. Also there were about 10 soft drinks that had randomly leaked out, not just one. I’m wondering why did 10 leak and not just one, and what mold was that?

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Answer by Adam
i dont have an answer really but i would like to know too. once i had a can of coke sitting in my room, i didnt finish it cause it went flat and just left it and forgot about it being on my shelf, and about a month later, i picked it up and it felt full again so i looked in it and all i seen was yellow-ish fuzz and it smelled really bad.

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