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by Xenoc Have you ever seen someone playing with an RC airplane radio? Or perhaps you have seen someone play with a similar radio controlled toys, such as cars, fantasy vehicles, helicopters, sailboats, submarines, animals, trucks, blimps, motor boats, and robots? Are you the type of person who is always curious about how various technologies […]

TSA: Alert on airplane beverage containers The U.S. Homeland Security Department has alerted air carriers to a potential terror tactic involving insulated beverage containers like thermoses. Read more on The Clarion-Ledger Store clerk stabbed in South El Paso robbery A beverage store clerk was stabbed during a robbery Saturday in South El Paso and his […]

I went to Napa recently and bought three bottles of wine for gifts. I’m visiting my family tomorrow and I was wondering how I was going to bring them with me. Do I just put them with my check bag, or will they take it out and confiscate it if I do that? I don’t […]

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