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by wallyg Live in boot camps accommodate clients who need intense supervision and accountability for eating, sleeping, and most of all-training correctly. A firm commitment is required on the part of the client in order to comply with such a regimen. Customary in the fitness industry, services are prepaid upon signup. Financial commitment plays a […]

Smouldering looks and hot functionality are the trademark of the HTC Touch 3G Black. It is simply a stunning looking mobile phone, even before accessing the functions, you know that this phone is something special. In some ways it doesn’t even resemble a phone, its more like a high tech PDA, but when you start […]

I always have the hardest time finding a gift for my boyfriend that’s thoughtful and sweet, but not too expensive. Here are a few ideas for easy DIY gifts pe… Bookmark To Amazing Videos

Question by Jen-Jen: Anyone have a great recipe for Beef and Mushroom Stew….? or soup? I’m not looking for veggie beef stew, just Mushroom Beef stew or soup. Noodles, rice, etc are ok….I had a great one at a restaurant, but they closed and I can’t find a recipe to recreate theirs! Thanks! Please no […]

by sunnyUK Question by renee: Has anyone heard of London Bridge Gin? I’m looking for information of the gin such as it’s origin, history, distillation process and so on, but couldn’t find anything relevant online so far. A little help please? And thanks~ Best answer: Answer by feelinliketantoCastle Bridge London Dry Gin Castle Bridge Gin […]

by hugovk Question by latexmas: Can anyone tell me where I can buy Bison Grass Vodka in Rotherham/Sheffield? I need to buy some of this make my better half a good Mojito over Christmas. It needs to be a physical shop rather than internet purchase due to the timing and Christmas delivery etc. Thanks Best […]

Question by Patrick Mcgonigal: Does anyone know any good tapas recipes? I’m asking for recipes or ideas for recipies not the name of a website. Best answer: Answer by est!est!est!as for tapas meaning small plates i light the grill and grill mahogany clams, yummy right from the shell with a small fork, rub wings with […]

affiliate marketing Question by : Does anyone know all the songs and who there by from the movie, Cant buy me love? I think it was back in the 80s, but i still watch it alot! Best answer: Answer by DawnanawnaBB That link lists the soundtrack credits. Know better? Leave your own answer in the […]

by Cooky Yoon Question by Malgorzata B: South Beach Diet Recipes anyone? I am thinking about starting the SBD but I can’t find any interesting Phase 1 recipes. Does anybody know any good recipes or maybe a website that I could find them for free? Best answer: Answer by berrydid you go to south beach […]

Question by puzzledfemale!: Has anyone ever suffered from stomach aches because of soya milk? I think it has such an effect on me occasionally. I had a home-made soya strawberry smoothie yesterday, and nearly 24 hours later, my stomach is still sore and gurgling. I vomited a couple of times last night and have a […]