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Sometimes I find that figuring out what to make on the side for dinner is a little more difficult than coming up with an idea for a main course. While frozen steamed veggies are a perfectly acceptable solution in a pinch, sometimes I want something with a little more flavor. Here are a few simple […]

Smouldering looks and hot functionality are the trademark of the HTC Touch 3G Black. It is simply a stunning looking mobile phone, even before accessing the functions, you know that this phone is something special. In some ways it doesn’t even resemble a phone, its more like a high tech PDA, but when you start […]

by Iwan Gabovitch Question by kayluvsdb: Any other booze have gold flakes(or anything else pretty) floating it in, besides Goldschlager? Best answer: Answer by Beeg JuanI believe some brands of tequila have a worm floating in them. Add your own answer in the comments!

by Dale Gillard So, apparently Pomegranate Clear is the number one selling antioxidant cleanse in America. Why? Well according to their website, they claim Pom Clear contains the most effective ingredients, which are also the most potent, available on the market to day. I tried the product for 60 days. Here is my review. During […]

by Michael @ NW Lens Recently, a group of talented musicians did the impossible and breathed new life into this aficionado’s decrepit anthology of old favourites. The name of this soulful bunch is the Armchair Cynics and their gift is arena-filling sound, evocative song writing and an edgy yet captivating presentation. Not only is their […]

Question by erkn49: How do you juice a potato without using anything containing iron or steel? I heard that potato juice is good for people with hypertension. It is said that you will change the effectiveness of the juice if you juice it with anything containing iron or steel. Best answer: Answer by trinetrine23SIT ON […]

Question by Ivan R: If you are a bartender, do your hands get funny stains or anything from working? One of the characters in my novel is a seriosu bartender and I am trying to describe his fingers. If you work long hours as a bartender, cutting fruit, washing stuff, etc, do your fingers suffer […]

Question by ursaitaliano70: What dessert wines or liquors pair well with anything chocolate? I am making up a gift basket with dessert chocolates and chocolate filled cookies and cakes. I am including a premium roast bag of coffee. What types and / or brands of dessert wines or cordials would you suggest? Best answer: Answer […]

I can’t stop drinking it, and yes I notice I’m gaining alot of weight. I have tried not drinking it for a few days, but I feel sick or have headaches. Then I start drinking again.It’s really worse than alchohol in my opinion as it gains weight. Anyone have suggestions to what kills the addicition […]

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