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Question by B C: Where can I find used bourbon or whiskey barrels that I can use for aging beer? I would like to make a lambic beer, which requires aging in an oak barrel. I have heard that you can obtain relatively inexpensive used bourbon and whiskey barrels from larger companies, but I’ve been […]

Some cool whisky images: Whisky Barrels, Invergordon Distillery Image by foxypar4 Single malt whisky tasting & dinner for Burns night: slow food London Image by mermaid99 farewell, Whisky Image by dotpolka

( this is an original commercial for Coca-Cola’s Surge soft drink Category: Nonprofits & Activism

A how to video guide on making barrels for Kentucky bourbon whiskey

I have a whisky barrel fountain with a pump in it.Can I use the submersible mulricolored lights for ponds?Has anybody ever tried this in a whisky barrel and if so how does it look?

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