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Beef jerky and biltong are two foodstuffs well-known in several parts of the world. Within the past decades, there’s an increase in the number of dining places giving both beef jerky and biltong. In Australia, lots of individuals take these as snacks or as meals with other foodstuffs. As a food lover, you’ll find the […]

When the phrase free range beef is used, it has a lot of meaning and implications. This is a phrase, which is used for the cattle and other poultry and eggs grown in the pastures. In today’s world of commercialization, everything has become a business deal. The way cattle is grown is also very gruesome […]

Beef jerky is a snack product mainly well-known inside the Caribbean and the United States Of America. Like biltong, this meat also undergoes a drying method. It features a special taste due to the many herbs and spices. The primary distinctions in making these delicious goodies are the seasonings and drying method included. Jerky undergoes […]

If you want New York style delicatessen lunches, the Corned Beef Factory is one of the best restaurants in Baltimore. Although a relative newcomer to the realm of Baltimore delis, the Corned Beef Factory is no shrinking violet.  It will bring back memories of corned beef sandwiches you had when you were a kid.  At […]

There is no better way to impress your family or friends than the best grilled steak or juicy burger. Since people are more aware of their health, they see to it that the food they eat and serve to their love ones are healthy. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for red meat, refrain […]

ENGLISH CORNED BEEF AND POTATO STEW IS VERY QUICK AND EASY TO MAKE. IT IS REALLY DELICIOUS AND IDEAL FOR THOSE COLD WINTER NIGHTS TO WARM THE COCKLES OF … Nigerian food that I feed my kids! See more Nigerian recipes: See more information about this recipe by clicking “Show More” below. Ingredients: • […]

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William Randolph Hearst, the American newspaper magnate whose life inspired the Orson Welles movie, Citizen Kane, inherited the land now known as the Hearst Ranch in 1891. Located between Los Angeles and San Francisco near the small town of San Simeon, the ranch was originally part of the Hearst estate, site of William Randolf’s extravagant […]

Beef and cabbage stew, comfort food at it’s best. This has become a family favorite…”BEEF STEW”…serving generation after generation. Click on “Show more” below to get this family favorite mouthwatering recipe… BEEF STEW Preheat oven…

Beer Beef Stew

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Learn how to make Beer Beef Stew. Tender stew beef in a thick sauce with onions and beer. Beef stew recipe at – – – – – – – – – – – Subscribe on YouTube… Video Rating: 4 / 5