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Everyday Italian Osteria 1 Chianti Marinated Beef Stew Video Rating: 5 / 5 The second part of the day out with Tuscany Bike Tours is cycling! After the tour of the castle, you are fitted for a bicycle and helmet. There’s a short safety briefing and an explanation… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Prime rib steak is a popular beef-cut that is carved from the well loved prime rib roast.  It is interesting to note that prime in this context has nothing to do with the USDA grading system but simply refers to the traditional, old fashioned name of the cut. In fact, it is just a matter […]

A beefy version of an Irish favorite, you can taste the Guinness here, but it doesn’t outshine great meat and delicious seasonal root veggies. A St. Patty’s day winner! Video Rating: 5 / 5 5 lbs of beef flank 3 stalks + 1/2 cup chopped lemon grass 1 head of chopped garlic 1 jar of […]

When it comes to choosing the best dehydrator for jerky, you’ll want to make sure that the food dehydrator can do a number of things to ensure your jerky ends up tasting great and has a lot of flavor. There’s nothing worse than eating jerky that tastes like plastic. The most popular and the best […]

In the latest episode of Cooking with Base Big Narstie teaches us how to make Beef stew & Rice. The Don Baseavelli also breaks down his new Ep ‘Hello High’ a… Video Rating: 4 / 5

One of the most common causes of illness on holiday is the notorious beef illness, E. Coli 0157:H7. The big problem with understanding E. Coli is that there are different types, some of which are completely harmless. The types that are accused of causing serious holiday illness go by lots of different names and abbreviations. […]

There’s nothing better than homemade beef jerky. However, if you want to make tasty and flavorsome beef jerky, you’ll want to buy the best dehydrator for jerky. The best homemade beef jerky dehydrator is by far the Excalibur 3900. It has the best reviews and is very popular for a good reason. It can produce […]

A Family Deli Meat Or Roast Beef Sandwiches Having a pastrami or roast beef meal made from the deli section of your local supermarket is a take care of most people can not resist. The cost of a sandwich coming from the deli is far less than the cost of going out to eat at […]

Beef, nutritious, high protein vitamins, containing fat, low cholesterol; and contains 12 kinds of amino acids needed by human body, the effect of a Warming stomach is strong share and nourish. Smooth and delicious accompanied by Rice flour That is absolutely not smell; is to drink a bowl of tempting aroma, rich flavor of beef […]

Beef is commonly consumed in America, Europe and Australia, and also a relative staple in Africa and East Asia. As beef counts as a type of red meat, it is a good source of essential minerals , which includes iron, phosphorus and vitamin B. With it becoming so widely popular, individuals have come up with […]