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The human body produces plenty of waste substances that may be poisonous if they continue to be within the entire body. These substances are eliminated from the physique via the urinary program. The urinary program commences at the kidneys which act like filters and filter the waste through the blood. This waste is then sent […]

We did a Gall Bladder Flush from David Wolfe’s “Sunfood Diet” book back in 2010, consisting of 3 days of fasting on fresh squeezed apple juice followed by do… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by Hector L: Is it the Cola or the caffeine that causes bladder infections? I drink soft drinks almost non stop and sometimes I get severe bladder infections with aches, pains and as they say on TV ads, urgency and frequency. A few days of water and/or cranberry juice cures it. I was wondering […]