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Company (Hamburg, Germany), to reduce weight has become a hot topic. The company has developed a suitable preform molding and blow molding design, 12gPET bottles used for water purification equipment, 17gPET bottles used for loading Carbonated beverages These two methods can reduce their weight, than the standard bottle of at least 2g. Over the years, […]

Question by Jess: Does lemon juice lighten your hair when you just blow dry it? I know it does when you sit in the sun, but it’s cloudy today… Does lemon juice work with a blow drier too, like sun in does? I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I […]

How to make a Blow Job shot; get expert tips on making fifty different shots, cocktails, and mixed alcoholic drinks in this free instructional video. Expert:…

*** LINKS *** Cows Produce Human Breast Milk Futuristic DJ Desk – Reactable Zelda Tesla Hula Hoop Camera Sun Eruption World’s Tallest Lego Building Armored Glove Amphibious Ice Cream Van Xploderz Water Gun Flamethrower Trombone Hyperflesh Charlie Sheen Mask Rainbow Road Song […]

Mine & Boop’s journey for the last 3 years and the family and friends who were there to witness it. Thanks to Darius, Mark, Dean and Soni for making this great song.

Me teaching how to blow fir using bacardi 151. Make sure to have a cup a working lighter a empty bottle beverage and a napkin.