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Company (Hamburg, Germany), to reduce weight has become a hot topic. The company has developed a suitable preform molding and blow molding design, 12gPET bottles used for water purification equipment, 17gPET bottles used for loading Carbonated beverages These two methods can reduce their weight, than the standard bottle of at least 2g. Over the years, […]

Package Review PET beverage packaging, as Food Production enterprises, more than 30 years people have been exploring ways to replace glass bottles and tin cans, packaging materials and containers, and Plastic Is the best material currently available. It has the characteristics of light weight, can reduce transportation costs. But not every plastic are suitable for […]

Today, there are excellent options available in stainless steel baby beverage bottles. Health and hygiene are at the top of priorities for smart parents. Safer alternatives which are also eco-friendly include food grade metallic containers made from the same material as used in the food industry such as for milk processing. Stainless steel, with its […]

Beverage bottles HC plastic mesh In recent years, China Food Beverage packaging industry has developed rapidly, as of 2007, total Sell Amount of up to 115 billion yuan, up 18.5% over 2006, the industry Plastic The annual demand is estimated at 6.04 million tons or so. Food and beverage plastic packaging market in China has […]

Gettin all Mr. Wizard up in this B!tch Check out Vsauce2 Here: Subscribe to Man Vs. Science: Check … Video Rating: 4 / 5

Step-by-step instructions on how to make lighted wine bottles using Christmas lights. These make wonderful decorations and conversation pieces. Thanks for wa… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lately it has come to light that it is very important to use safe water bottles, which most are not. Now, of course safety has degrees and we may be talking about relatively minor levels of poison in the long run, but especially in the case of babies this is an issue that must be […]

by guillenperez Question by Liz J: I have a few unopened bottles of good quality chianti vintage 1975. Are they still drinkable? I inherited some wine from my grandfathers wine cellar. He bought a lot of wine about 20 years ago and then found out that he couldn’t drink it due to health reasons. He […]

by RubyNuby Question by Edward W: what is the significance of whiskey/bourbon in square vs round bottles? Someone told me that the whisky recipe, amount of corn vs grain, determines what shape of bottle it gets put in. Best answer: Answer by ~*~ Stormy Weather~*~whiskey is good Add your own answer in the comments!

Check out these wine images: Wine Bottles in Antique Light Image by RuffLife I just picked up a medium sized Westcott Spiderlite kit (1000W Tungsten) and wanted to give it a test drive so I stripped a few wine bottles of their labels, filled them up with some water, and this is what you get! […]