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Beef jerky is a snack product mainly well-known inside the Caribbean and the United States Of America. Like biltong, this meat also undergoes a drying method. It features a special taste due to the many herbs and spices. The primary distinctions in making these delicious goodies are the seasonings and drying method included. Jerky undergoes […]

Drake is really the ruler in the Hip-hop Music industry and will carry on to be the most spoke about artist till the release of his most awaited Drake new songs. Being one of the next generation knockers, he has modified the look of hip-hop music by executing under the moony Drake and will carry […]

A Brief Cartoon History of Planet Earth Climate change is no laughing matter—but maybe it should be. Here, you can read an excerpt Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein's new book The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change—an entertaining overview of climate science, predictions, and policy. Read more on Gizmodo Editorial cartoon: Health care in the US […]

by Scott Beale The men’s swim brief first hit Sydney beaches in the summer of 60-61. It wasn’t the just a first for Sydney, but daringly, it was the first time in the world men wore such a small cossie. The swimsuit sat on the hips rather than the waist. It also removed all fabric […]

by dcarrero We all have one. We all use one from time to time- especially when we’re craving our favorite frozen margarita recipe! What a simple machine it is; and yet, how complex. It’s time to fire up the blender! Have you ever given even a moment’s thought as to how this marvelous machine came […]

by A Brief History of the Australian Wine Industry Australia has become a world leader in domestic and exported wine. What began as a few vineyard cuttings over 200 years ago has now flourished into an amazing industry – the fourth largest in the world!Australia exports over 450 million litters of wine each year […]

by doyoubleedlikeme Growing Demand of Coking Coal-A Brief Understanding Coal is coked in ovens to remove impurities and volatile components. Coke is obtained from coking coal by eliminating several impurities to form pure carbon and make it ash free. The coking coal is inclusive of physical properties which allow coal to soften and liquefy and […]

by adam39393 A Brief History of the Chianti Classico Region Chianti Classico Wine Although there are references to Chianti wines being produced in the Tuscany region as early as 1398, it was over 300 years later when the Chianti territory was defined in 1716 by the Medici. The territory included the three main villages where […]

It’s been a tool for diplomacy, a space-age way to keep astronauts’ teeth healthy and has been paired with some of America’s most famous icons. It’s chewing gum-and it may have been discovered when its modern day inventor was chewing on ways to reinvent the wheel. Thomas Adams, often referred to as “The Father of […]

When you are trying to lose weight, be healthy, and simply live a lifestyle that is good for your mind, body, and spirit, what you put into your body has a huge impact on your overall health. You want to be sure that what you eat or drink provides some benefit to your health, […]