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Iced coffee is a great way to get your morning boost on a hot summer day. But unless you remember to cold-brew it the night before, you usually end up with a… Watch more How to Make the Best Coffee videos: Learn how to make a cappuc… Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this week’s episode of CHOW Happy Hour, Martin Cate of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco is joined by bartender Yael Amyra. Yael makes a Between the Sheets and explains how the warmth of a stiff drink can calm nerves and mend a relationship. Kick off your weekend with the CHOW Happy Hour! Each Friday, […]

In this week’s episode of CHOW Happy Hour, Martin Cate, owner of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco, shows us that a holiday party doesn’t have to be all spiked cider and boozy eggnog. Drawing inspiration from a friend’s latke party, Martin mixes it up with a fresh and fruity spiced holiday sangría. Kick off your […]

In this week’s episode of CHOW Happy Hour, Martin Cate gives a history lesson on the Fern Bar era of cocktails. While explaining why sweet, slushy drinks were such a hit at the time, he demos a classic Fern Bar cocktail, the Harvey Wallbanger. Kick off your weekend with the CHOW Happy Hour! Each Friday, […]

In this CHOW Tip, Herbivoracious author Michael Natkin shares his simple recipe for a tasty dessert: a milk shake made with dark chocolate ice cream and stout beer. Check out the recipe here – Have a great tip idea? Going to be in San Francisco sometime soon? Send us a message explaining your […]

Every week, Rye in Brooklyn preps hundreds of Scotch Eggs, packing thick layers of Italian pork sausage around hard-boiled eggs to deep-fry for their customers.’s Liza de Guia filed the following report on this British-style bar snack. Check out the NY CHOW Report Season 2 Foodspotting Guide and eat along with Liza and Pervaiz! […]

In this NY CHOW Report, Alex Van Buren discovers that The London Style South Side Royale may not be on the menu at the Flatiron Lounge, but if you ask for it you can have it. Wondering where else to eat in NYC? Can’t get enough Alex? Check out all of her restaurant recommendations: […] Beau Timken of True Sake is proud to be called a sake samurai. His fanaticism comes across in his enthusiasm for junmai, daiginjo, and ginjo, and he rails against those who encourage libation without education. Take the hint learn from Beau. Video by It’s very simple alcohol, wormwood, and some anise characteristics. But not simple at all: The carefully calibrated mix of aromatics and herbs that goes into the absinthe made by Lance Winters of St. George Spirits took extensive testing to get just right. Video by