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I would like to make my own bar book. Using drinks with Liquor and no Liquor. How do I create one.

I’m am always the guy who has partys. Sadly I can never remember to get the drinks cool and if its not me its someone else. Is it possible to cool drinks faster?

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Hey Lover

I want a awesome alcoholic drink that actually taste good, I don’t want something that taste so strong in Alcohol that I’m sure my vehicle could run off it…..Please don’t give me the simple Tequila Sunrise or Screwdriver or other DUH drinks! I want something new and cool yet awesome taste…..Educate me World on some […]

Drink recipes that will add a bit of “wow” to your next party. Find four cool Cocktails on Six Minute Style: Pomepolitan, Green-tea martini and more. Shake it up.

I know the most basic drinks, so if you want to go crazy, go ahead. Think about what drinks you would make at your own party or if you were to mix your own drinks for the evening Yeah I should problably say, I am norwegian and we have some other products over here then […]

Hi there, I know I know reading the title of my article is making you very impatient to go through what am I upto this time. So, without testing your patience and coming straight to the point, here are 2 receipes which will not only keep you cool in Summers but will refresh you and […]

Wyler’s Light Cool Raspberry – Low Calorie Soft Drink, 0.58 oz,