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And knowing that, koozies are made available to take care of this kind of thing. A koozie, also known as can cooler, beer hugger or coolie, is the expression used for a gadget in keeping cans of beer, soda and even bottled ones which keeps the drinks cool while keeping the hands hot. Koozies are […]

Cooling-towers are heat elimination devices that absorb waste heat emitted during various industrial processes. These cost-effective towers save tremendous amount of time and energy by cooling water and air in the industrial environment. Many industries use water coolers in order to regulate the temperature of the surroundings wherein processes generate excessive heat. This is the […]

Kamiel Warlop is 5 month. He likes a choco soya milk. Video Rating: 0 / 5

This experiment was realized by prepared people. DonĀ“t do it in your home!