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This is going to be a sort of “meal” you can cook that benefits your health and fitness efforts, but I wanted to describe it more into detail instead of just give you the details and tell you how to cook it. Generally, you’d think desserts aren’t something you want to be thinking about if […]

Beyond the Creative 4—Washington DC 2015 Event on 2015-03-19 08:00:00 Across the two days we’ll feature a mix of presentation sessions and roundtable discussions. Six podium-style presentations will address common aspects of creative leaders’ roles. In these sessions, industry veterans—Rena DeLevie, Andy Epstein, Amanda Froelich, Dan Mucha, Jackie Schaffer and Molly Ungs—will guide you through: Building […]

Featuring works from Cherry Sanchez, Amai Wayans, Madison Corletto, Finnian Payne, Sophie Reynolds and Zoe Brin. Nacho Party FOREVER!! Video Rating: 0 / 5 More info about travel to Florence: In this video, we’ll travel to Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance ar… Bookmark To ClipArt Video

niceEshop(TM) Creative teeth shape snack fork fruit fork 24 in 1 Condition: Brand new Size: 6cm X 3cm X 0.1cm Weight: 0.059 Kg Material: Polypropylene niceEshop is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller of niceEshop branded products, Only niceEshop can provide you quality guarantee and good after sales service. Colour: as picture Notice: […]

by sarah sosiak Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? While we feel that you should treat every day in your relationship like Valentine’s Day, we do want to help you make this special day incredibly romantic and memorable for both you and your sweetheart. As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, we’ll continue to update […]

by Texas Military Forces Making The Business Of Art The Art Of Business How many times have you heard it said “capitalize on what you have”…..or “the diamonds are right in front of your nose?”, etc. There are a million or more tired old cliche’s in the world of business. But do these principals apply […]

In Chapter 18 of 21 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, food entrepreneur Julie Hession answers “How Has Winning Food Competitions Given You the Confidence to Dream Bigger?” Hession shares how competing in, and progressively winning, recipe and cooking competitions taps into her competitive spirit. The process boosts her self-confidence and brings out her […]

by Leo-setä Why Should Creative Bartenders Have Different Vodka Drinks in Their Bar? Vodka is considered to be one of the more potent alcoholic drinks that you can get. This drink is made from various grains and distilled until the smooth flavor and strength has been achieved. Vodka by itself is considered as an inert […]

Perfect Bread : Fun with Creative Shapes [VHS] List Price: $ 29.95 Price: $ 29.95

Juice: The Creative Fuel That Drives World-Class Inventors “Juice” juxtaposes the stories of classic inventors with a new breed of innovators, such as hypersonic sound inventor Woody Norris, genomics pioneer Lee Hood, mechanical whiz Dean Kamen, and business systems inventor. Jay Walker Schwartz reveals the brilliant strategies including pinpointing problems to crossing knowledge boundaries, to […]