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The decreased risk of contracting heart diseases and various health and wellness benefits have long been associated with red wine. However, the relevance of moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages is pointed out by specialists. For them, it’s okay to appreciate the delights of life like first-class wine while keeping count of exactly how many glasses […]

The reduced risk of contracting heart diseases and many other health benefits have long been linked with red wine. Obviously, researchers also point out the value of moderation when drinking alcoholic beverages. For them, it’s okay to enjoy the delights of life like first-class wine while keeping count of just how many glasses one has […]

Red wine has long been connected with numerous health and wellness benefits including the lowered risk of contracting heart diseases. Needless to say, researchers also emphasize the value of moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages. For them, it is okay to appreciate the pleasures of life like fine wine while keeping count of how many glasses […]

Teeth enamel is the hardest substance in our body. We all read that in high school. Perhaps it is this knowledge that inspires many of us to neglect it. We throw lots of greasy and sticky stuff at it, chocolates, cola, toffee, lasagna, pizzas to name a few. We love the aftertaste so much that […]

Fluoride is one of the natural mineral which is established during earth’s crust and usually spread in nature. There are some of the water supplies and foods include fluoride. It is often mixed in drinking water which helps you to lessen tooth decay. The investigators established in 1930s that people who grew up drinking this […]

The consequence of certain foods and snacks on your teeth can depend on not only what you eat, but also when you eat and in which order particular foods are eaten. According to dentists, following a meal, the pH level in your mouth often drops and your mouth becomes more acidic, a possible harmful situation […]

I was awoken last night by a searing pain in my tooth which came on so unexpectedly that it caused me to cry out. Hunting down some painkillers in the middle of the night whilst already feeling groggy and tearful was no fun and made all the worse with the knowledge that I had to […]

Granny McLaughlin and her soda bread Image by Danny McL UNLV dental student wins 3,000 scholarship in halftime challenge A UNLV student with a penchant for Dr Pepper won more than 0,000 in scholarship money from the soda company last month. Read more on Las Vegas Sun ‘Buffalo girls’ bringing leadership to Vermont Mary Peterson […]

REPORT DESCRIPTION: Dental implants already hold a substantial 18% share of the global dental device market; and are also expected to have one of the highest growth rates amongst all dental device submarkets. This is primarily because dental implants offer an effective treatment for edentulism and because of the rising demand for cosmetic dentistry worldwide […]

There are many people who believe they have soft teeth, and because of that they are always having fillings and extractions. They will also tell anyone who will listen that they inherited their soft teeth from their parents. Indeed further conversation will elicit the fact that their baby teeth came through with no enamel on […]