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DALLAS FASHION WEEK Presents: VENDORS/DESIGNERS RED DRESS GALA EVENT Event on 2016-10-26 18:00:00 RUNWAY PACKAGE 1. State of the art venue 2. Professional Lighting 3. Professional surround sound 4. Professional staff (on-site): event managers, fashion director, dressers, lighting director, sound and production staff, front of house director, on-site ushers, and guest relations. 5. Changing and […]

There are certain rules that every hostess should follow. Many are just good ol’ common sense, while others are things that might not even occur to you. Here are some of the big ones: Don’t: – Bury yourself in the kitchen while you have people over. Plans sometimes get thrown off-kilter, but try your hardest […]

I’m probably the wrong one to write on this topic given the fact that I’m turning 25 next month but then again my mom is 47 and she could easily pass as my sister. so if you are over wrought because you are turning 40 in a while, relax! It’s really all about the way […]

A Jessica Rabbit costume is a good option for plus sized women, as the red dress the character wears has simple lines that can be altered to fit any shape. Purchasing a plus size Jessica Rabbit costume in a shop can be costly, and making one from home by hand can be a thrifty alternative. […]

Chen Cheng has received a number of supermarkets some dairy enterprise renewal Package Or new formulations of the notice Expected by the end of May before a new round of lift Milk powder Prices Tide Add a new element, another new packaging, milk prices have increased by 10%. Recently, some quietly raise prices infant milk […]

I bet you’ve never heard of this! Today I’m sharing with you my little secret- It’s how you can give your saree a complete makeover, just by draping it diffe… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by amy l: what is a cocktail dress? i’m going to this party and the dress code is cocktail dresses. i have a lot of dresses that i go out for nightclubbing and stuff that are kinda dressy. and i’ve heard that cocktail dresses are less formal then a formal dress, like semi-formal. so […]

by technokitten Question by Holdonhope: cocktail dress with black accents/trim? So I’m going to an event where I need a cocktail dress. I already have some cute black heels, and want a summery dress that matches them and I really don’t want to spend more than $ 100. Any ideas?? I feel like I’ve looked […]

by _fluffy Festive occasions and events at night often require a little more than just a fancy dress. It doesn’t always need to be the ballroom dress, sometimes a nice and rather simple black dress seems a lot more elegant and adds the little something to its bearer. An evening gown should always be in […]

by All men can not sparkle in the royal ball, but the “Queen of the Ball” (be it a school prom, the opening of an exhibition or a corporate party in the company), wants to become every woman. And each creates in his mind the ideal image and strives to meet him. He may […]