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Although there aren’t a great deal of documented cases about the dangers of energy drinks, the stimulants contained within can disrupt the heart’s rhythm and in some rare cases can lead to seizures.   Energy drinks aren’t regulated like sodas and juices as they are classified as supplements and manufacturers aren’t required to list everything […]

Yes, I Would” by Frightened Rabbit from the LP/CD/Digital “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks” available on Fat Cat Records. Purchase this record on iTunes: https://… Video Rating: 5 / 5

If you drink plenty of diet sodas, you may already be aware that the words “diet drinks” and “weight loss” really shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. I’ve done enough research to know that diet sodas can actually stimulate weight gain rather than weight loss. So, with that in mind, keep reading this short […]

If you drink soda, we have some information about a possible health risk you need to know. Recent tests by Consumer Reports show that some soft drinks contai…

“HOW MANY LIKES CAN WE GET?!” ? Next: ? Previous: https://www.yo… — Royal Crown Cola International president Edmund O’Keeffe and senior vice president business development & marketing Moshy Cohen dis… A new study has found an association between premature DNA aging and volume of soda pop consumed:…. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Please READ this box more info. Instead of blasting the air conditioner this spring / summer, let’s cool our body from the inside out with these “5 Refreshin… It’s undeniable that these drinks have us hooked.But is there a downside? Watch Next Ep. Here: Subscribe to the HuffPost Today: http://g… Video Rating: 3 / […]

The sound of coffee and tea echoes in nearly every place wherever we go in India. Tea is undoubtedly one of the largest consumed drinks in the country. However, its consumption development seems to have turned down in 2009-10 to 0.70% measured up to 3-3.5% in the preceding years. On the other hand, Coffee Board […]

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science project – 2.1. Video Rating: 5 / 5 On January 23, 2014 a health warning in Consumer Reports was issued about how caramel color in cola soft drinks is suspected of causing cancer! The possibly …