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Did you know there is a growing movement towards eating more like traditional cultures? One way is eating grass-fed beef. As consumers start asking more questions about how their food is raised, we are learning that modern practices are unhealthy, to the animal and to us. Here are 3 benefits of choosing grass-fed beef instead […]

The growing consumption of venomous sea snakes in Southeast Asia has resulted in the massive harvesting of these marine animals in the Gulf of Thailand. Fishermen and traders face a high risk of snakebites and even death as 80 tons of sea snakes are captured annually. Herpetologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Zoltan Takacs documents […]

The Eating For Energy plan by Yuri Elkaim is often a weight reduction method which is targeted on uncooked food items eating. Even though there happen to be several wonderful advances in medicine in past decades, the Western globe has turn out to be submerged in a variety of diseases on account of environmental complications […]

The Eating For Energy software by Yuri Elkaim is often a weight reduction software which is focused on raw meals consuming. Even though there have been a lot of fantastic advances in medicine in past decades, the Western world has turn into submerged in a variety of diseases as a result of environmental troubles and […]

I eat a grass hopper, drink toilet water, squirt lemon juice in my eye and more challenges that you dared me to do! Twitter: FB… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Quote: ‘Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them A pleasure as well as a necessity.’ By: Voltaire  Are you ready finally to get that monkey off your back and those inches off your waist? If you are not, just ‘shut down’ the computer screen and walk away. […]

Orange is a citrus famous fruit that contain many essential minerals and vitamins that fight diseases and beneficial for our bodies. Many people use orange fruit extract add a strong citrus flavor to baked goods and sometimes they also make orange extract at home by themselves. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin […]

Milk is an essential material in our daily life. Many people believe that the nutrition that the body needed to supply the nutrition which can nourish the face! But do you know the correct method of eating milk? See the following consumption of milk in the right way! the more concentrated milk, the better. Some […]

Until recently a visit to Goa or India wasn’t complete without a bout of ‘Delhi Belly’. Today sickness is almost unheard of and most are pleasantly surprised by the high level of hygiene in Goa’s restaurants. Across the state there is a huge profusion of restaurants with every kind of food from Goan and indian […]

Question by jd159: If I juice kale, will i still get most of the nutrients as eating it raw? I’ve been juicing around 6 leaves of kale and it produces a minimal amount of juice. I was wondering if those couple of drops are still packed with nutrients and if its worth it to keep […]