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Question by Nick: Why is soya milk better than normal milk for the environment? Best answer: Answer by aaDebatable, since most soy products are made from genetically modified soybeans. Genetically modified organisms can have deleterious effects on the environment and natural species. Add your own answer in the comments!

India’s southern state of Kerala has ordered Coca-Cola to pay 47 million dollars in compensation for environmental damage. The authorities launched an invest… I-Octane on his Busta Photoshoot!

by How Bottled Water Dispensers Are Having a Devastating Effect on The Environment Bottled water dispensers obviously require the need for large plastic bottle reservoirs that sit on top of the machine, but what impact is the creation of these plastic bottles having on our environment?  Although they are not the only place plastic […]

by zeni666 Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Social Environment Excessive consumption of alcohol has various effects on social environment. Consuming alcohol in the inappropriate times such as, while driving, or operating machines, or in working hours can lead to accidents, loss of work, and may be even more fatal. Problems Raised By Alcohol Abuse […]

Question by TJ: Social Happy Hour Ideas for work environment? I’m on the social committee for my job. We need different ideas for a happy hour besides using alcohol. In the past we’ve done sushi, a chocolate fountain, an ice cream sundae bar, and crepe station. Any new ideas?? This needs to be done in […]

I’m working on a science project that deals with vodka and the environment. I don’t want to go into detail, but I can’t find any good information on the internet.

I love arizona iced tea and juices. i love that they are cheap (cost wise), made with simple ingredients, taste amazing, and are pretty healthy for you. now from what i have noticed all of their beverage containers are recyclable (either cans, glass, and recyclable plastic), but what else is arizona specifically doing for the […]