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by gridder48 The future projections are presented for the base case, conservative case and aggressive case scenario providing an insight on the prospects in the Indian alcoholic beverages industry.    India is considered as a lucrative unexplored destination for alcoholic drinks market by several international companies operating in saturated alcoholic beverages markets of Europe and […]

Question by : What common alcoholic beverage gets you drunk the fastest? If I drink 5/6th bottle of wine in about 2 hours I can get drunk. So with that in mind, what is a common alcoholic beverage (Jack Daniels, you know, all the big brands) that you drink to get drunk. Im talking about […]

Second Channel: Facebook: Shirt Store: No such thing as a fast way to build muscle or lose weight, it takes long hard training and a strict diet. Eliminating all beverages is the first step to losing weight. You should only be drinking water and lots of it. Drinking other beverages that are […]

Question by Amy B: What alcoholic beverage or liquor gets you drunk the fastest? Also what alcoholic beverage or liquor gets your blood alcohol level up the fastest? Best answer: Answer by GregoryJuicy juice usually works for me. im a maniacal drunkard in just 2- 3 minutes Give your answer to this question below!

by Donna Da Yettta ( on leave ;)) Question by Stefan Andrè Brannfjell: What is the fastest way to defrost a frozen cola? Well, as usual… I put a flask of cola in the fridge a bit to long and its totally frozen solid. 🙁 Anyone got any suggestions for how to make it liquid […]

Can you drink beer faster ?

I have some favorite drinks that I have occasionally with friends but I cannot STAND carbonation, it makes me feel sick. But I love the drink. I’ve shaken it and worked the bubble out so I can enjoy it but that is very time consuming and difficult with a full bottle. Is there a fast […]

how is the fastest but easy and healthest way to cooj the shrimp cocktail.