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by bekah_cope Start the car window tinted is actually quite easy. That is why they do it yourself window tinting is used at times. The whole process consists of three steps toward him. Windows should be cleaned, the film is applied, and finally, a squeegee tool took water and air. That is all you need […]

by navarrd There are many home products out there that turns out to be useless. There is one product that is of exception and they are glass films. They are long lasting and is made of vinyl. Window films are not new in the market. Previously, for decades, automobile industry have been using them. All […]

by kimfaires Are you a budding Hitchcock or a wannabe Spielberg but have never had the money to make your very own film? Well, now there is no excuse as it has never been easier to grab a camera and create your very own Oscar worthy cinematic masterpiece. Films like The Blair Witch Project and […]

Check out these film images: October Film color Image by Makena G HIIIIII OMG so this is filmmmmm isn’t that cool? (ps this shot is from this day It turned out really amazing. Out of a roll of 24 i only really like 5 but i guess 10 turned out good. check out the other […]

by sgvisuals Film-maker Sriram Raghavan has managed to earn a cult following through his two remarkable Bollywood suspense thrillers EK HASINA THI (2004) and JOHNNY GADDAAR (2007). Early Life As a kid, Sriram used to beg, borrow and steal to watch movies, particularly of film-makers like Manmohan Desai, Nasir Hussain, Vijay Anand and Alfred Hitchcock, […]

Famous Monsters Convention and Silver Scream Film Festival Event on 2017-05-26 14:00:00 Famous Monsters has been the leading authority on all things horror, sci-fi, and fantasy related for 59 years. Established in 1958 by Forrest J Ackerman, we’re taking decades of fandom celebration and bringing it to the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas, TX. Featuring […]

Privacy Window Film

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by bekah_cope If you are looking into options for providing you with more privacy and you are thinking about better window coverings, one idea you could consider is applying frosted privacy window film to your windows. It’s cheap, easy to apply yourself and it really can cut back on how much passersby can see into […]

by adpowers Technology of Smart Film Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLCs) 1. When the smart film power is off, the high polymer LC materials in it are in disorder, which makes light be unable to penetrate the film, and now it is in an opaque state. 2. When the smart film power is on, the […]

by Djinn Photography Movies which are 100 % legally to download or stream like a stalingrad film, aren’t that easy to find these days. In this modern world almost everything became possible. Even movies which are still in cinemas are available to download or even stream online. As everyone know this is illegal and a […]

by misha maslennikov Film editor Bobby Bose the owner of NEIINDIA Film and TV editing institute is planning to produce a Film under the banner of Bose Entertainments it. Bobby Bose Film editor is already working on the script. Shafi Wassan has been given the responsibility to write the script and they all are flying […]