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By now everyone knows that bodies need hydration. And almost everyone knows they need water – not just anything that’s liquid. But some have not developed a taste for plain water. Smart manufacturers know that, so they sell pop under a different name: Flavored water. This is not good news for people who are trying […]

Most of us in the world consume food three times a day. There are people who consume food up to four to five times a day. However, most often people in homes have fruits, pastries, ice creams or some kinds of stuffs. All these things which we most often eat after completing our meals are […]

Learn how to make a Crostini Dijonnaise Recipe! Go to for more information, a… Video Rating: 4 / 5 For Full Vegetable Lasagna Recipe VIsit: Vegetable lasagna with tender zucchini, yellow sq…

The world’s first alcohol free whisky flavored drink !! The world’s first alcohol free whisky flavored drink ‘ArKay’ has been launched worldwide this month. … Water is the most important beverage for the human body. Learn more about healthy beverages with tips from a certified nutritionist in this free health video…

by TheGirlsNY Question by sam: what is the best flavored hard liquor? i was thinking watermelon flavored vodka.? Best answer: Answer by SnowKahlua – FOR SURE! Add your own answer in the comments!

by gpshead Question by Grandpa Paco: Do you like coffee or coffee flavored things? I honestly can’t stand anything even remotely coffee flavored. Best answer: Answer by Kbobwayno, but i like the smell of coffee. Add your own answer in the comments!

The Office is back so that Noah can force them to guzzle down some vodka… first thing in the morning! We like to start our day off right with some scramble…

Question by A C: What is the alcohol content of pinnacle whipped cream flavored vodka? Most vodkas are like 40% but taste like shit, this vodka tastes a lot better so I’m wondering if it has the same alcohol content or less? Thankyou! Best answer: Answer by CorvatoMOST flavored vodkas are 30-35% alcohol Pinnacle whipped […]

Hey guys! I wanted to review the newest Dydo Dragonball drinks! These are pretty cool and they come in more than one flavor! Enjoy 🙂 Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by ucfgraduate05: Is that Cola flavored Jolt Energy drink in the Battery cans the same as the Jolt Cola sold in the 80’s? I don’t remember if I ever drank the original Jolt Cola. If I did, I was too young to remember. I tried the cola flavored jolt energy from the gas station […]