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by kengo When we begin a new year we generally go by a number of analyses in our brain of the earlier time and what we have accomplished or have still to achieve in our existence. Setting aims, releasing depressing thoughts, forgiving and motivated for a number of individual development is always on person’s brains, […]

OK, we all know that regular soda is bad for you. It has spoonfuls of sugar and nasty chemicals and drinking it regularly is a sure recipe for weight gain. But what about diet soda? It has zero calories so it’s a good thing for losing weight right? Well, findings by a University of Texas […]

#one. Diet regime Strategy: The food items you might be advised to consume on any supplied eating habits should be manageable, yummy, and of course the caloric intake must be much less than that of what you ordinarily eat. It’s important to understand that after you transform your food plan you’re also transforming habits. Though The […]

Most people are aware that there is some connection between alcohol consumption and weight gain. We’ve all seen the middle aged ‘beer belly’ and assumed that ‘partaking’ a little too heavily and a little too often is the reason for many middle-aged men’s and some women’s physical shape. There is some truth to the idea […]

Quote: ‘Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them A pleasure as well as a necessity.’ By: Voltaire  Are you ready finally to get that monkey off your back and those inches off your waist? If you are not, just ‘shut down’ the computer screen and walk away. […]

Well, summer is RIGHT around the corner here in U.S. and you know what that means…. Graduation parties, BBQs, weddings, relaxin’ at the beach and everythin… Video Rating: 4 / 5

by rubenvike There’s a great number of people that practice dieting and exercise these days, however they still drink. After a few nights out they wonder what went wrong and why they tend to get more and more weight than usual. Apart from alcohol several other drinks are high in calories that you may not […]

by anotherformofrelief Despite what many popular web searches will reveal the link between diet sodas and weight gain is scant, and the authors of the research that did show a link recently made it known so. The original research studies, a total of two of them that linked diet sodas with weight gain were done […]

Studies: Avoiding sugary drinks limits child weight gain Jeffrey Furticella/ASSOCIATED PRESS. Enlarge Photo. A man lights a cigarette as he passes an ad created in collaboration with Mountain Dew and New York Art Department on 13th Street in New York, where some large sugary drinks have been banned. Read more on Austin American-Statesman Drinking in […]

by Quasimime Alcohol is known to be the major hindrance for weight loss. Earlier alcohol was considered to be safe while recent studies have proved that excess alcohol intake like beer, port wine and red wine can actually cause obesity. Most people prefer alcohol along with their diet. It is an indispensable part of any […]