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The sun is scorching hot, and you feel so parched. You could really use a cold and refreshing drink. Why not prepare a delicious juice drink and lounge by the pool? Luckily, most drink recipes would allow you to prepare fruit drinks using only your blender. With these drink recipes, you can make delicious and […]

by Ric e Ette Mini Club Gathering : a Visit to the North of Portugal, Including Porto and the Douro Region, One of the Most Unspoilt Places in Europe Preparation & Planning:- Although I had visited the North of Portugal many times during my working years, and knew exactly, what I wanted to do, the […]

It’s an informal setting with no meal being served. I’m the only man among four other women and I’m sure they are planning on drinking wine. I want to show up with a bottle without their knowlege what type of wine should I bring???