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Presha-Eudell Family Reunion (General Registration) Event on 2017-07-28 15:00:00 Greetings Family & Friends, Attendees of the Presha-Eudell Family Reunion are required to register prior June 24. Please keep in mind that registration fees have been set at the absolute lowest rate. Displayed in the schedule below, you can see that the fees will increase after […]

FOUNDING MOTHERS CELEBRATION: General Programming Fund Donation! Event on 2016-07-19 08:30:00 The 2016 FOUNDING MOTHERS CELEBRATION of Anne Hutchinson's 425th invites you to support the general programming fund. Any amount is appreciated! To learn more about other FOUNDING MOTHER CELEBRATION events this July, click here for RSVP and/or ticketing details. ABOUT: THE 2016 FOUNDING MOTHERS […]

General Soft Drinks donates €28000 General Soft Drinks Co Ltd presented a €28,000 donation to L-Istrina during the annual marathon at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta. The sum was collected during the company's month-long, fundraising campaign You can also be Santa. Read more on Times of Malta PepsiCo CEO to critics: No snack-soft drink split […]

Some cool drug images: UT – Attorney General Drug Scouts Patch Image by Inventorchris Patch for Waubonsee Community College CRJ Club Patch Display ONLY Emergency Services Departments are allowed to use my photos. All others must ask permission. MI – Sanilac County Drug Task Force Image by Inventorchris Patch for Waubonsee Community College CRJ Club […]

by beautifulcataya General Knowledge Pt. XVIII   What is uranium dating? Uranium dating is one of the ways of determining the age of ancient objects, even one million years old, by measuring how much of the following are present in them: the amount of radioactive isotopes of uranium, and the amount of other materials into […]

by David JAGER Offers the general information about cappuccino espresso maker Cappuccino Espresso Maker is a new blog, it offers the general information about espresso, cappuccino maker and accessories. it informed models, brands and manufacturers which are carefully selected to average customers, so that average customers ready for a coffee or a cappuccino machine to […]

WHAT IS MOBILE ELBOW? The mobile elbow results from using the mobile for long hours. Called the ‘cubital tunnel syndrome’, it is also called cell phone elbow’. The problem occurs when the ulnar nerve, which runs across the elbow, down to the ring and little fingers, gets over-stretched and blood supply is restricted, sparked by […]

The 2 times i drank a few shots of smirnoff i got sick and had the worst hangover EVER! I’ve decided that i’ll never drink smirnoff again-but is it Vodka in general that gets me sick??? Other alcohol doesn’t seem to get me sick even if i drink a lot… *And you can’t say stop […]

  OK, Here are another set of free quiz questions and answers for you to try out on …. Well, anyone that can answer them really ! 1. On which Hebridean island is Talisker whisky distilled? Skye 2. In which 1974 film did OJ Simpson rescue Fred Astaire’s cat? The Towering Inferno 3. Nuku’alofa is […]

Pack of six 9.2-ounce tins, each tin containing about 18 servings (total of 55.2 ounces / 108 servings) Powdered mix produces sweet, creamy coffee drink featuring caramel flavor Flavor inspired by classic European dessert Sweetened with sugar; includes nondairy creamer No cholesterol; no trans-fat Product DescriptionRich, creamy coffee with a delicious touch of caramel flavor, […]