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A good kitchen is one that is ready to entertain guests. Many times, when we have visitors in our homes, we want to show our best. We go a long way to make sure that they have an experience that they will remember and that they will want to come back again and again. Because […]

Cognac lovers understand that this is one of the most sophisticated cocktails in the world and has a inflexible manufacturing standard, over a vast tradition of superiority. Cognac is consumed by the elite in luxurious accommodations as an aperitif after dinner in normann cognac glasses. Cognac, with its long-standing conventions, is best eaten when served […]

by dhammza You might be an avid wine drinker, and in case you are you may already know that there are several types of wine glasses for all types ¬†of wine. You use a different form of glass for different types of glass. You could get overwhelmed very easily but there isn’t any need for […] This Blender 3D video demonstrates how to make an image of wine glasses using the cycles render engine. Blender is a free 3D grap…

A How To for using a scoring guide to cut empty beer or wine bottles to make useful objects like drinking glasses out of them. (See more here:…

Check out these wine images: Wine Glasses and Food Tray Image by cobalt123 Wine Glasses and Food Tray – Ready for guests as the ACBVI fundraiser begins, Friendship Village. Wine-tasting at Boxler vintners and Hotel de l’ange Image by radiowood2000 Wine tasting at Boxler vintners in Niedermorschwihr, Alsace, and across the street the Hotel De […]

Question by Sara: What is a good table decoration that can be done with martini glasses for a wedding? I’ve decided to use martini glasses as table decorations for my wedding i was planning to have the cracked ice stuff dyed orange and put a tiger lily on top. I don’t know anymore my colors […]

Gun Shot Glasses 1.8oz / 50ml – Pack of 2 | Novelty Shot Glasses Gun Shot Glasses 1.8oz / 50ml – Pack of 2 Novelty shot glasses Pistol head and handle shape on outside Thick, durable glass Great gift idea The eye-catcher for every Bars – Disco – Leisure – Sports Bar – Public Viewing […]

by ginsnob Question by Cymbaline: how do you pack and ship martini glasses? I need to package 12 martini glasses in a box but I can’t find boxes specifically for glasses. What kind of packaging should i use? Best answer: Answer by Level 8Check out the container store or ask a shipping place. You can […]

Libbey 3620JS 16 Ounce Juniper Stem Cactus Margarita Glass (3620JSLIB) Category: Margarita Glasses Case of 12 Item #: 3620JSLIB. Customers also search for: Libbey 16 Oz. Cactus Margarita – cocktail glass Glassware Cocktails List Price: $ 75.61 Price: Find More Margarita Products